Star Atlas Metaverse Expands to Every Street and Screen of the World with Aliens

Star Atlas Just now·4 min read Star Atlas is teleporting a dancing alien into the homes and streets around the world. With advanced distributed AR technology, anyone can now teleport an alien android to dance with to any location in the world at the touch of a button by visiting The AR experience was … Read more

The Atlassian

Star Atlas Just now·21 min read Star Atlas Newsletter Issue #3 Delivering you original long-form updates covering our latest news and backstage sneak peeks. This edition of The Atlassian is brought to you by ReBirth: Genesis of a Metaverse… Owning a piece of history is the first step to being part of the future. SCN … Read more

Bassjackers Drops Interstellar Augmented Reality NFT in Star Atlas

Star Atlas 1 day ago·3 min read Bassjackers /// DJ Marlon Flohr and producer Ralph van Hilst Unlocking the next part of the Star Atlas Meta-Poster sequence, the award-winning electronic music duo BASSJACKERS launched its first NFT into the metaverse on May 8th. Fusing an intergalactic electro house soundscape with a stunning visual experience and … Read more

First-ever Meta-Poster Experience Featuring Blond:ish and Jason Silva

Star Atlas Apr 29·3 min read Star Atlas NFT Debut Gives a Taste of the Metaverse Star Atlas: ReBirth /// Discovery of Iris Star Atlas has entered the next level of manifesting the future with the Blond:ish and Jason Silva meta-poster debut. This is the first of fourteen NFT meta-posters in the ReBirth: Genesis of … Read more

Introducing ReBirth: Genesis of a Metaverse

Star Atlas Apr 18·3 min read The Star Atlas NFT Meta-Poster Series Vzus and Ustur WIP /// Future Blockchain Based NFT In-Game Asset /// Owner/Player Builder Enabled Efforts Include: Poster sale launch on Star Atlas Marketplace and OpenSea Tiered reward system for Atlassian community One-of-a-kind NFT collection integrating augmented reality and custom audioscapes Star Atas … Read more

The Future of Desktop AR and Holographic NFTs

Sirisilp KongsilpApr 7, 2021, 5:25 AM Hey everyone! My name is Sirislip (aka Rabbit). I created an SDK for Desktop AR tech called Holo-SDK. I have been working on Desktop AR for more than 10 years (throughout my master and PhD studies). I am very honoured for being here 🙂 So I prepare a detailed … Read more