WTF are NFTs?

“NFTs exist so that the crypto grifters can have a new kind of magic bean to sell for actual money, and pretend they’re not selling magic beans.” “Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing.” The first quote is from Michael Burry of The Big Short fame. Clearly no fan of … Read more

Cyberpunk 2021 – Meet the winners

Over the month of February, builders descended upon Decentraland to take part in the Cyberpunk Builder Contest. A competition created in collaboration with Aetheria Project, ‘Cyberpunk 2021’ saw the submission of an incredible array of Bladerunner-style scenes, with the top 50 deployed to the Aetheria District. Of those, 10 stood out as exemplars of William … Read more

Play to Earn Game Festival Attracts 13.000 Visitors

The Play to Earn Game Festival, powered by Gala Games, has created big waves across the metaverse as we registered more than 13.000 visitors over the course of one week. That’s almost double the amount from the first festival. Without a doubt this marks the Play to Earn Game Festival as the biggest business-to-consumer event … Read more

Day 7 – One More Day of Sharing at the Game Festival

Today is the final day of the second Play to Earn Game Festival, and that means one more day of sharing. Sharing knowledge, but also sharing game items and of course tokens. That’s why we’ve opened up many giveaways one more time, so you have a chance to join them all! At Play to Earn … Read more

Day 6: Gala Games Live, 9Lives Arena and Synergy of Serra

It’s Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that the Play to Earn Game Festival isn’t bringing you any new stuff, because we’ve got 9Lives Arena, Synergy of Serra and our friends of Gala Games today! There will be a live event (show up!) and there’s new stuff to win. Peace as returned to the Play to … Read more

KOGs Creator RedFox Labs Goes For Virtual Shopping Experience

RedFox Labs has announced their own virtual metaverse for discovery shopping, retail and gaming experiences, and they called it Virtual Space. This virtual location is completely standalone, will later include virtual and augmented reality features, while offering digital items through smart contracts on the blockchain. Virtual Space will be globally accessible, and retail can sell … Read more

Day 5: The Sandbox And Our Play to Earn Mascot

Welcome to the fifth day of the Play to Earn Game Festival, powered by Gala Games, and today we have lots of activities involving The Sandbox! While the chaos is still happening outside of the venue, visitors festival will be happy to learn that it’s save and fun inside. Thanks to the support of The … Read more

DCL FilmClub winners

The brief was straightforward: make a video, no longer than 30 seconds that conveys what you love most about Decentraland. What was received was anything but. To say that the community was overwhelmed by the quality of submissions is an understatement. Just take a look at the winning entry by @michpalmer for proof: This weekend … Read more