Project Nebula Auctions Unique Spaceships Next Week

Starting from Monday May 7th 10:00 UTC, Project Nebula will auction unique spaceships every six hours. These unique NFTs are one-of-a-kind, and everybody can join the auction. However, the spaceships exist on the ICON blockchain and therefore bidders require an ICON Wallet. These single-copy spaceships have a strong background in the lore of Project Nebula, … Read more

Gala Games Unveils 4X Strategy Game Echoes of Empire

The next game coming to the Gala Games ecosystem is a 4X strategy game called Echoes of Empire. Players can build, upgrade and own a fleet of spaceships to control a sector in the galaxy. Game studio Ion Games develops the game for PC and Mac. Gala Games has teased a space game for some … Read more