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LaLiga joins Sorare

SorareSep 9 · 3 min readToday marks a historic moment for NFTs as Sorare welcomes LaLiga to the global fantasy football game.One of the most popular leagues in sports ever, LaLiga becomes the first...

Introducing Limited Cards: A New Era for Sorare

SorareAug 12 · 3 min readHello Managers,We’re very excited to announce that Limited Cards will be launching very soon… This Friday at 11:00 AM CET.Welcome to a New EraName: LimitedColour: YellowScarcity: 1/1000Debut season: 2021/22The...

Part II: Introducing more Reward Transparency

SorareJul 8 · 6 min readHi everyone! I’m Thomas, a full stack engineer at Sorare. Over the last couple of months I’ve been part of the team behind building our Dynamic Reward system. The...

Dynamic Rewards 2.0

SorareJul 7 · 4 min readHello Managers,We hope you’re all well. We’re delighted to bring to you a blog in two parts with important updates on our new Dynamic Rewards system. In part one,...

Introducing Sorare National Team Cards

SorareJun 14 · 2 min readWe’re honoured to share this little bit of history with you! The first National Team cards ever have just landed in Sorare.Introducing, the world champions, a golden generation, les...

Community Stories: Champion Edition Cards

SorareMay 28 · 5 min readThis was a particularly special and unique season for football clubs, players and most importantly, the fans.A global pandemic resulted in empty stadiums, and a very congested and an...

The New Dynamic Reward System

SorareMay 26 · 3 min readOur new dynamic Reward System gets the big debut this Game Week 170. This new model is scalable, sustainable, dynamic, and rewards more Managers for their hard work.In a...

Spend your Summer with Sorare

SorareMay 21 · 3 min readWith European club football coming to an end, many of you may be wondering what you’re going to do with your Summer?Well, luckily for us football fans, International players...

Introducing New Dynamic Tournament Rewards

SorareApr 23 · 6 min readSorare has had an explosive start to 2021! Since last updating our rewards pool, we’ve added new features to the platform, welcomed some of the biggest clubs in world...

Announcing Ubisoft’s Game with Sorare Cards: One Shot League

SorareMar 1 · 3 min readAt Sorare, we’re building an open experience where footballers and fans own the game.We designed and minted our collectibles on the most open, decentralized and secured blockchain: Ethereum. It...

A First Look into Aurory, an RPG on Solana

Over the past few months I’ve had a couple of chances to cover Aurory, but in the end I’ve never written about this play-to-earn...