Nvidia Believes The Metaverse Will Blend into Our World

Computer hardware company Nvidia thinks that the metaverse will blend into our physical world thanks to blockchain-powered augmented reality. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang sees big potential for smartphones and VR headsets to provide this experience. According to Huang the metaverse will be how we do time travel, and how we can simulate the future. He … Read more

Animoca Launching New Race Game This Summer

This week gamers competing in F1 Delta Time’s Grand Prix Mode or Time Trial Mode, were also earning NFTs for an upcoming race game by Animoca Brands. The game company didn’t provide any details on the racing game, but emphasized that it will be part of the REVV ecosystem and it will use the Polygon … Read more

Ethermon Upgrading its 2D Battle System

While everybody is hyped about Ethermon coming to the 3D metaverse of Decentraland, the developers have upgraded the web-based 2D battle system. The 2D Battle Ladder system will full integrate automated EMON rewards. They will launch this update on June 15th. Even though the developers are ready to implement the changes, they have to wait … Read more

R-Planet Preparing for Colonization Development Phase

Players who are deep into the mining game R-Planet, will be excited to learn that the phase of Colonization has almost arrived. The generator, which allows players to combine elements to discover new ones, will soon introduce new elements. These ones will be required for colonization. Without going into too much detail, the developers posted … Read more

Space Misfits Soon Adding Rogue-like Gameplay

The developers of Space Misfits will drop a big update this month in which they will introduce rogue-like gameplay, procedurally generated levels and an NFT drop mechanism. They labelled the update as the Rogue Release, and it will be in testing until at least September. For those who are unfamiliar with the term rogue-like, this … Read more

Splinterlands Sold Out All Land on First Continent

Less than 12 hours after tweeting that there are 7,000 land plots left, Splinterlands sold out all 150,000 land plots on the continent of Praetoria. The last land plots were selling for $20 per plot, even though earlier pre-sales offered land with a 50%, 40% and 30% discount. The first wave of land parcels for … Read more

Lightnite Moving Towards True Battle Royale

For now gamers play Lightnite mainly as a deathmatch game, but the developers are working towards a complete battle royale mode. In their latest development blog they revealed some new updates that are part of the road towards battle royale. Previously players could only pick up weapons, ammo and items. However, from now on players … Read more

Blankos Gets $75 Million Additional Funding

Mythical Games, the studio behind the upcoming blockchain-powered game Blankos Block Party, has received another $75 million in funding. This brings the total of their funding to $120 million. If that entire budget would be put in the development of one game, we’d be talking about AAA budgets. However, the funding isn’t for Blankos Block … Read more

Animoca to Continue Work on Crypto Space Commander

Animoca Brands has signed a deal with game studio Lucid Sight that gives that an exclusive and global license to publish and further develop Crypto Space Commander, better known as CSC. This deal basically means that Animoca Brands is taking over. In the world of blockchain games, CSC is a dinosaur. This space MMO has … Read more

Cybernetics Packs Coming to Doctor Who on Thursday

Reality Gaming Group has announced the release of Cybernetics Packs coming to the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. These packs still contain the same cards, but with a different frame. The Cybernetics Packs offers three new frames, and therefore a new opportunity to get a card with a low serial number. The new … Read more