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Refinable Artist Spotlight: Zean Macfarlane

Zean Mair-Macfarlane is a registered architect based in London with over 100,000 followers on social media. Zeanrecently collaborated with some pretty big names includingMicrosoft, Samsung, Penguin Books and Instagram — creating truly unique, beautiful and “calming,...

Introducing NFT Gifting on Refinable!

Introducing the Transfer FeatureRefinable is constantly improving and upgrading our platform to provide our community with the best NFT experience. Today, we are happy to announce a new feature to the Refinable marketplace — the ability to...

Artist Spotlight — Art for Anarchists

Artist Spotlight — Art for Anarchists Art For Anarchists seeks to bridge the analogue-to-digital divide, utilizing 20 years of his analogue portfolio to reimagine digital layers, unleashing a wave of surreal, abstract strangeness in AFA’s NFT creations....

Win Argon Tokens with Refinable x Argon Creator Campaign!

Last week, we announced a partnership with Argon, a leading blockchain freelancer platform which empowers anyone to find and discover work — from anywhere in the world. We are delighted to be part of this collaboration,...

Artist Spotlight — Gianfranco Dbeis

Artist Spotlight — Gianfranco DbeisGianfranco is a respected designer, artist and game developer. Currently active in Copenhagen, Denmark. He also loves voxels, game jams, cats, and avocadosCan you tell us about your art journey?I studied arts, then moved...

Buy and Sell NFTs with USDT On Refinable!

Introducing Stablecoins as a New Payment OptionWe’re happy to announce that USDT is now available on the Refinable marketplace as a payment option, giving our users even more versatility in buying and selling NFTs. We...

BrainxEyes Refinable Artist Spotlight

Artist BioOver the past 5 years, Claudia Chanhoi has held her solo exhibitions in Miami, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing. The artist recognition has brought her the opportunities to work with clients, such as...

Join Refinable’s Create and Collect NFT Competition: LABS Resort Avatar Edition!

Compete to Become a Top Creator and CollectorWe are pleased to provide a platform for our creators to showcase their talents, and for our collectors to start collecting exclusive NFTs — all in a bid to...

Introducing Refinable’s Ambassador Program: Building and Connecting our Communities Worldwide

The Refinable team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that signed up for our Ambassador Program during our launch in May. With our community’s endless support and participation in this...

Artist Spotlight — Tokebi

Artist Spotlight — TokebiTokebi is a Guatemalan renowned artist and illustrator, best known for the use of skulls, bright neon colors, and kitsch aesthetic in his work. Tokebi rose to international popularity when Grammy winning heavy...

Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money Launch ΞTHΞRΞAL on Origin’s...

It’s not every day that the boundaries of art can be pushed to new heights. Today, we’re excited to announce that Origin has partnered...

Artist Series Week #12