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Lamborghini Launches ‘The Epic Road Trip’ NFT Collection 

“Since 1963, the year of its foundation, Automobili Lamborghini has always led from the front, demonstrating this with its super sports cars that continue to be the protagonists in dreams of children and adults all over the world,” said Christian Mastro, Marketing Director of Automobili Lamborghini. “Entering the virtual world of modern collecting with NFTs is the natural translation and evolution of that dream. NFTs are the new, unconventional and exclusive proposition, paving the way for a new form of expression for the younger generations.”

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Instagram Expands NFT Integration With Flow Blockchain

Instagram has enabled non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform in over 100 countries.  Meta Newsroom confirmed its continued expansion into the realms of Web3, as it further embraced NFTs within its ecosystem. Instagram users in Asia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the Americas will be able to connect their digital wallet to Instagram and showcase their favourite NFTs. 

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Southeast Europe Becoming a Hotbed of Metaverse Gaming 

The Metaverse is viewed by many as the next logical step in all things online – from web pages to apps and everything that connects them – and gaming is no different.
While startups worldwide are working on Metaverse gaming projects, there’s a particular concentration of them in Southeast Europe.
This part of the world has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe thanks to its burgeoning tech scene.

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Should Metaverse Workers Be Worried About Being Monitored by Their Bosses?

Working in the Metaverse seems inevitable at this point. However, a new ExpressVPN survey finds out that a vast majority of workers are worried about being monitored. Since the pandemic, the idea of a virtual office has been thrown around quite a bit. That’s why ExpressVPN started doing research to see how the concept resonates with the employees. They’ve surveyed more than 1,500 employees. Here is what they found…

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