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The New NFT Distribution Model Goes Live Today

R-PLANETJust now·2 min readToday, Thursday the 14th of September at 2 pm UTC, R-Planet 🚀 launches the new NFT distribution model, along with a Generator fee cut by — 80%, and a 2X WAX...


R-PLANETJust now·5 min readMake Alchemy Great Again!Hey crew! There are some big changes on the way! Today R-Planet presents a new model of element NFT distribution along with an increase in the amount of...

Welcome to Your New Laboratory

R-PLANETJust now·3 min readThe R-Planet user interface continues to evolve as we get ready for the Conquest phase of the game. With the advent of Robots, the next phase of the R-Planet adventure is...

R-Planet Conquest: Robots

R-Planet, our new home! We’ve been acclimating to our new life on this barren desert landscape filled with huge deposits of precious minerals. We’ve just started to feel safe here, but it seems that...

R-Planet Roadmap Update

R-PLANETJust now·2 min readMany weeks have passed since the crew of R-Planet animals landed on the R-planet surface. The chipped animals have settled in at their new home and their work to prepare for...

Inventors are perplexed! A secret meeting is called

R-PLANETJust now·3 min readObserving the troubles inventors have had with the discovering of recipes for new elements, Dr. Rabbit called the main crew of the chipped animals to a secret meeting.‘‘What should we do...

Uplift your “BoarVallis” region R-Planet land today!

R-PLANET1 day ago·3 min readThe new BoarVallis world in the Uplift metaverse is ready to come to life! We are happy to announce that today, all R-Planet lands within the BoarVallis region are now...

Exciting News from the R-Planet Laboratory

R-PLANETJust now·2 min readSince their arrival on the R-Planet, the animals knew that colonization would be a massive undertaking, and would require a multitude of elements and minerals not yet discovered.First, the animals had...

R-Planet guide to Uplift your land!

what you need to knowR-PLANETJust now·2 min readNow that the ability to “Uplift” your R-Planet land is live, we want to share some more details with you about The Uplift metaverse, and what you...

Boost Your R-Planet Land — Get Land in The Uplift World Today

R-PLANETJust now·2 min readThe WECAN team continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with NFT’s. Today we introduce another concept which has never been done before: A single NFT can...

Ezekiel Elliott x Ethernity

by Visual LabSeptember 27, 2021 @ 12pm ET / 72 HoursDescription:Ethernity Chain is pleased to announce a new limited-edition NFT collection featuring NFL superstar Ezekiel Elliott....