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AMA with Ken Yang, the Founder of Punk.Network full record

Punk NetworkJust now·13 min readSaturday we sit down with Ken Yang, the Founder of Punk.Network and Unique.OneVIETNAM, the host of AMA community, so he talked about things about Token deployment and outlook for NFT...

Token deployment and some follow-up planning of Punk.Network

According to the joint resolution of the technical committee, assets will be issued on Binance Smart Chain tomorrow (2021/7/22 UTC), and a week-long asset deployment will be planned. In the next 3 days (2021/7/23–2021/7/25, UTC),...

Punk.Network Presale Whitelist Registration and Token deployment Details

🖼Greetings, everyone. We are excited to get started with our presale registration!🖼 For presale, we are offering $Punk for purchase, at a price of $0.165. We are offering up to 300 spots for this journey,...

Punk.Network Whitelist Campaign

Punk NetworkJust now·2 min readPunk.Network, A high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet, has decided to launch the $PUNK whitelist campaign on July 3rd.This is an exciting time for Punk, which feels grateful to our growing community for...

“Punk.Network X Metaverse” special session is about to start!

Punk NetworkJust now·4 min readThe IFIC Summit Shanghai station, co-hosted by people digital and finwex, will be held at InterContinental Jing’an Shanghai from June 22 to 23, 2021.2021 is the closing year of the...

Punk.Network Weekly Update: June 18th, 2021

Punk NetworkJust now·4 min read📸 Airdrop Event V2.0 is closed!1000000 Entries is unbelievable!Total Entries have 1,000,000 by June 13th and more than 8000+ addresses has been collected!Thank you to our growing community for your...

A Booklet of The First 5 Kusama Parachain Slot Auctions

Punk NetworkJust now·4 min readThe first-ever parachain slot auction on Kusamanetworkhas begun! Quick rundown of what happened the past week, what’s happening now, and what’s coming in the next 7 days.In the past week,...

Punk.Network Weekly Update: June 11th, 2021

Punk NetworkJust now·3 min read📸 Airdrop Event V2.0Total Entries have 935820 by June 11th and more than 7000+ addresses has been collected!You got 3 days left to join a competition for PunkDAO Airdrop Event...

Punk.Network Weekly Update: June 5th, 2021

Punk NetworkJust now·3 min read📸 Airdrop Event V2.0At May 31, we already reached 600k entries! The participant count has exploded and it’s just the beginning. Can’t wait for what’s to come.Total Entries have 837380...

Punk.Network Weekly Update: May 28th, 2021

Punk Network4 days ago·3 min read📸 Airdrop Event V2.0You got 16 days left to join a competition for PunkDAO Airdrop Event V2.0!Total Entries have 444245 by May 29th and more than 3000+ addresses has...

Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money Launch ΞTHΞRΞAL on Origin’s...

It’s not every day that the boundaries of art can be pushed to new heights. Today, we’re excited to announce that Origin has partnered...

Artist Series Week #12