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How to earn SPS in Splinterlands

Hi Wombat Family! One of our favorite blockchain games, Splinterlands, has undergone some tremendous changes that will turn the entire game around! It will definitely do you good not to sleep on those, which...

How to play Upland and earn NFTs

Hey Womplayers! In collaboration with Upland, one of the hottest blockchain games out there, we recently dropped a new earnable NFT collection! Coming to Womplay, the Upland block explorers will help you score high...

Earn more crypto with Womplay Missions!

As we try to add more fun features on Womplay and give your NFTs more utility, we got our creative juices flowing — and we’re recruiting you for your first Mission!What are Missions?Missions work similarly to Challenges — but...

Womplay invites you to a birthday party!

On September, 1st, 2021, Womplay will celebrate its first birthday! It has been a crazy ride, and we want to share this joyous occasion with all of you! In fact, even though Womplay is...

The ultimate guide to Unstoppable Domains

Hey Wombat Family! In our continuous efforts to make your experience with blockchain as smooth as possible, we don’t only build solutions. Occasionally, we share the value we found in other projects. One of...

The ultimate guide to Ethereum NFTs on Wombat

We at Wombat are all about gaming — but even we have to admit that the world of NFT collectibles cannot be ignored. Growing at a rapid speed, this blossoming space is rich with formats, narratives...

Ethereum comes to Wombat!

The second year has been an exciting time for Wombat. We saw DeFi bloom on EOS and Telos and even simplified it with the help of Defibox and pTokens. And while many things changed,...

In the name of the law

The narratives of colossal losses or unexpected jackpots are a huge part of the crypto world’s personal dimension. Those extremities gain attention quickly, casting out those who use crypto for their everyday needs to...

A new NFTs series comes to Womplay!

Everyone saying NFTs are dead should have seen Atomic Hub explode after the launch of the Hero Zero NFT series on Womplay! Inspired by this craze, we went ahead and release the second game-themed...

The ultimate guide to trading NFTs on EOS

NFTs are often compared to collectibles like baseball cards or even Turbo car inserts that many used to swap as kids. Exchanging those was relatively easy — the only difficult bit was figuring out the equitable...

A First Look into Aurory, an RPG on Solana

Over the past few months I’ve had a couple of chances to cover Aurory, but in the end I’ve never written about this play-to-earn...