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NFTmalls most recent Partner Erosswap!

NFTmallJust now路2 min readErosswap GEM pool:Stake EROS token to earn GEM tokens!Total Tokens: 6000 GEMToken rewards per block:Yet to be fixed by Errosswap at a time of this writing.How do you stake GEM-BNB LP...

The NFTmall V2 goes live on 20th September 2021!

NFTmallJust now路3 min readDear community, at NFTmall, we are excited to inform you that your prolonged wait is coming to an end! The most awaited and anticipated NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain is...

Welcome new Partner Olive Cash!

NFTmallJust now路2 min readDear, GEM馃拵army, we are very glad to announce our most recent partnership with OliveCash and the latest GEM馃拵farm is going LIVE on Olive Cash 10th September 2021 at 2 PM UTC!GEM-BNB...

NFTmall welcomes new Partner FlatSwap!

NFTmallJust now路2 min readDear, GEM馃拵Army we are delighted to announce our most recent Partnership with FlatSwap!NFTmalls opens FLAT Pool / Farm, where GEM 馃拵holders can Stake GEM LP & Earn FSWP with a High...

NFTmall opens GEM Farm & Staking Pool with BSCStation!

NFTmallJust now路3 min readWe are also delighted to introduce our Partner BSCS startpool where BSCS holders & the community have the opportunity now to earn some Precious GEM!Token: BSCSContract Address: 0x53E562b9B7E5E94b81f10e96Ee70Ad06df3D2657Chain: Binance Smart Chain...

NFTmall Partnering with BuffaloSwap!

NFTmallJust now路2 min readOur CooperationNFTmalls new Partner Buffalo, a super supportive and reliable Partner. NFTmall will be on their Grassland which will go live on 23rd August 2021 at 4 PM UTC. Also, NFTmall...

NFTmall- World鈥檚 first creator centric NFT marketplace Launches its Main-net on BSC to bring...

NFTmallJust now路3 min readToday 7th of August 2021, NFTmall has officially launched its Main-net, making it the world鈥檚 first Creator centric NFT marketplace. $GEM, a BEP20 token, is the native currency to the marketplace....

NFTmall Partners With Moralis For Scalable Cross-chain Web3 Infrastructure!

NFTmallJust now路2 min readWe are pleased to announce our partnership with Ivan on Tech鈥檚 Moralis team for its innovative Web3 solutions. As part of our vision to revolutionize the NFT market and encourage creativity...

NFTmall鈥檚 Integration with Venly(Previously Arkane) wallet services Paves the way one more step鈥

NFTmallJust now路3 min readAt the NFTmall protocol, we are creating a Universal ground for various types of different talented artists who can showcase their talent and thus also bridging the gap between Mainstream and...

NFTmall Launches the Premium Badge Innovative Creators Program!

NFTmallJust now路3 min readHow will it work?All successful applicants will be provided with a premium badge under a condition of a copy of their minted NFTs on our platform, which will go towards the...

Introducing the OpenSea mobile app

Discover NFTs by category, track the latest drops, and follow the collections you love with the new OpenSea mobile app. Visit the App Store...

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