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How to Support ENS for Multi-Chain Dapps

makoto_inoueAug 31 · 3 min readAs an increasing number of dapps start to support multiple chains, you have started noticing that ENS names are usually shown when you’re connected to Ethereum mainnet, but not...

ENS at EthCC4: Scaling ENS, Lots of Mentions, & More

makoto_inoueJul 27 · 4 min readI have attended ETHcc every year since 2017 (when it was still called EDCON). I was so glad to be able to come back to it in-person this year!...

Save the Date: Live @Pplpleasr + ENS NFT Showcase & Raffle

makoto_inoueMay 31 · 2 min readIt has been over 3 weeks since we announced our 4th Anniversary NFT giveaway of Pplpleasr NFT.Celebrating ENS’s 4th Anniversary with an Original Pplpleasr NFT GiveawayENS launched four years...

Celebrating ENS’s 4th Anniversary with an Original Pplpleasr NFT Giveaway

makoto_inoueMay 4 · 4 min readENS launched four years ago today!To celebrate, we’ve commissioned a new NFT artwork piece by pplpleasr and will be giving it away to ENS name holders who meet certain...

Do You Have an OG ENS Name? Here’s a New Tool to Check

makoto_inoueApr 30 · 3 min readA couple of weeks ago, there was the discussion in the Twittersphere of “Which NFT is the oldest?”. Even though it is debatable whether to include pre-Ethereum collectables such...

ENS Integration Best Practices

makoto_inoueApr 27 · 5 min readNow that we have over 200 services integrated with ENS, here’s a showcase of some dapps that use ENS well.Here are three ways to integrate with ENS we highlight...

How to Easily Renew All Your .ETH Names at Once

makoto_inoueApr 25 · 3 min readSince we moved away from the deposit model to the annual spent fee model, we have spike in name expirations on May (for all names) and October (short names).We...

Recap of ENS Online Workshop April 2021

makoto_inoueApr 7 · 2 min readWe had another successful online workshop with representation from various backgrounds, from DNS experts to artists.You can watch all the sessions on our Youtube playlist, but here is a...

You Can Now Manage ENS Names with Gnosis Safe

makoto_inoueApr 3 · 2 min readWith Gnosis Safe, forming a DAO with your friends to manage high-value asset is becoming quick and easy.When PleaserDAO purchased the infamous “x*y=k” NFT art by @pplpleasr1, they also...

Call for Participation in ENS Grant DAO Discussion at the Upcoming ENS Workshop

makoto_inoueMar 25 · 2 min readAs briefly mentioned in our financial report, we have been internally discussing how we can allocate some of the registration fees to pay it forward, with grants supporting the...

A First Look into Aurory, an RPG on Solana

Over the past few months I’ve had a couple of chances to cover Aurory, but in the end I’ve never written about this play-to-earn...