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Chumbi Valley Blends Pokemon and Stardew Valley on Polygon

Chumbi Valley is an early-stage blockchain game that aims to blend elements of Pokemon and Stardew Valley on the Polygon blockchain. All game assets will be NFTs or tokens that are earned in a...

Aavegotchi Announced Date to Buy New Gotchis

Aavegotchi has announced the official date of Haunt 2, coming to you on August 26th, 2PM UTC through August 29th, 2PM UTC. Players and collectors will participate in a bid-to-earn auction. The developers believe...

Blockchain MMORPG Mist to Launch 3D NFT Marketplace

The blockchain-powered online role playing game Mist reached a major milestone by unveiling a new NFT marketplace that will allow players to purchase NFTs in a 3D environment. Players can view NFTs that represent...

Polychain Monsters Announces New Game Polychain Islands

Polychain Monsters, an NFT-based game focused on collecting digital monsters, has just announced its new game Polychain Islands. This new game will enable players to use their monsters to collect even more monsters, gather...

My Neighbor Alice Launches NFT Sale on Binance

My Neighbor Alice, a blockchain-powered game based on building a community, has officially launched an exclusive NFT series on the new Binance NFT Marketplace. They’re calling it Midsummer with Alice, and it’s an excellent...

Aavegotchi Haunt 2 Officially Approved by Community

The Aavegotchi community has voted to approve Haunt 2, which will release 15,000 more Gotchis into the ecosystem. While 20% of these new Gotchis will become giveaway rewards, the remaining 80% go on sale...

Hexarchia Announced Genesis NFTs and Ascension System

The chess-inspired blockchain strategy game Hexarchia has unveiled their Genesis NFTs. Each NFT in the set is an in-game asset that will help players achieve victory on the battlefield. Hexarchia commanders can win the...

Tencent Acquires Sumo: Will This Mean Blockchain Games?

Tencent, a multinational technology conglomerate, has agreed to acquire Sumo, who has previously announced that they will begin working on Flow blockchain games. Tencent agreed to buy Sumo for $1.27 billion. What does this...

Collectors Can Soon Move NFT from Wax to Ethereum

LiquidApps, the creators of the Dapp Network, recently announced an NFT bridge between Wax and Ethereum. Once released, users will be able to send their NFTs between the two blockchains. LiquidApps created the Dapp Network,...

Aavegotchi Launches Haunt Proposal for More Gotchis

Aavegotchi is holding a vote to decide if the cap for available Gotchis, the pixelated ghosts that populate the game world, should be increased through a so-called Haunt. The vote arose after much discussion...

Introducing the OpenSea mobile app

Discover NFTs by category, track the latest drops, and follow the collections you love with the new OpenSea mobile app. Visit the App Store...

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