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Prospects of Game NFT

From the core of the platform planning, unlike most of the current blockchain ecosystem building logic, Game NFT will unblock resources from top to bottom, focusing on the application layer and protocol layer first...

Ways To Trade Game Digital Assets on GameNFT

Game NFT is not only a gaming ecosystem, it is also an NFT marketplace that allows players to sell the NFT assets that they got while playing the game. Players can easily sell their...

Our planning for the future 2 years

Game NFT8 hours ago·1 min read① Mid-May 2021We will complete development of Game NFT Platform 1.0, a version that will build out all the features and details needed for the flow of digital assets.②...

Game NFT Technical Architecture

Game NFT1 day ago·3 min readGame NFT uses proven technology solutions that have been tested over time. With the excellent features of Ethernet, the platform can provide smart contracts with high processing power and...

Blueprint of Game NFT’s Development Stages

Game NFTJul 5·3 min readThe overall project development process of Game NFT will be divided into three phases.Phase 1: FoundationIn this phase, Game NFT will complete the basic technical architecture and introduce some mature...

What To Expect In Game NFT’s First-Ever Product, Tales of Heroes

Game NFTJul 5·2 min readTales of Heroes offers intense entertainment to community members while ensuring to meet the definition of NFT games and promote them. Game NFT is creating an ecosystem that gaming and...

About Game NFT

Game NFTJun 28·3 min readGame NFT is a pan-entertainment NFT product distribution and trading platform that supports ERC20, 721 and 1155 asset protocols, uses the StarkExchange trading engine and the Ether Layer 2 asset...

Game NFT Is Injecting A Breath Of Fresh Air In The NFT Scene

Game NFTJun 26·2 min readGame NFT came into the NFT ecosystem with guns blazing as it launched its first self-developed NFT game “Tales of Heroes”. Game NFT is altering how the NFT realm is...

Game NFT’s Core Business-04

Game NFTJun 25·2 min read3 Community ecology: the communication soil of the platform’s native creationIn the world of the Internet, “community” is almost one of the oldest product forms. Although it has been in...

Game NFT’s Core Business-03

Game NFTJun 23·2 min read2 Asset Circulation: No digital assets that are difficult to realizeTraditional digital assets can be divided into three major categories:① Physical assets: refers to the reality of the guarantee of...

Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money Launch ΞTHΞRΞAL on Origin’s...

It’s not every day that the boundaries of art can be pushed to new heights. Today, we’re excited to announce that Origin has partnered...

Artist Series Week #12