Ethernity Chain Stones Supply Update

Ethernity Chain Stones Supply Update TL;DR: Stones Supply Farming Event pushed to June 5th at 5PM ET to give people more time to migrate their stones. Stones for Failed Bosslogic transactions Completed Stones Supply Farming Event Postponed to June 5th at 5 PM ET Why did we push the Farming Event back one day to June 5th? Simple. We … Read more

Tony Hawk Tuck-Knee First-Sale Buyers Raffle

The first buyers of the 20 Tuck-knee were eligible to enter in a raffle for a Tony Hawk signed skateboard. As a blockchain company, the raffle was of course executed with a smart contract on the Ethereum network. The contract is pretty simple and leverages Chainlink’s VRF to randomly select a winner. The contract code is … Read more

Ethernity Chain Drop #6: Nicky Romero x Visual Lab

Ethernity Chain Drop #6: Nicky Romero x Visual Lab Saturday, May 22nd @ 12pm ET. In an exciting new partnership with Visual Lab and Ethernity Chain platform, Nicky Romero releases his first, highly anticipated collection of NFTs. The Protocol Recordings label boss and veteran electronic producer joins the likes of Pelé, Tony Hawk, Muhammad Ali, Fernando Tatis … Read more


Transfering your Tokens Cross Chain from Ethereum Network to Matic Network Video Link: In order to Transact on the Matic Network, you will need to send your crypto in your Ethereum Wallet “Cross Chain” from the Ethereum Network to the Matic Network by using a “Bridge”. Go to to move your funds from Ethereum … Read more

Ethernity and Polygon: Bringing Layer 2 Cross-Chain Functionality to Ethernity Chain.

Sustainable NFTs Meet Authenticated NFTs Announcing a powerful new partnership between Ethernity Chain, the king of the NFT marketplaces, and Polygon, the protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Ethernity Chain wants to the remove the current gas fee barrier for the ERN community in all transactions, including swapping, staking or yield/compound … Read more


ETHERNITY COMMUNITY aNFT CONTRIBUTION — Tony Hawk x Ondrej Zunka This is an open invitation to our entire Ethernity community to help create the Tony Hawk aNFT! The digital artist Ondrej Zunka is opening up this collaborative Ethernity Online Grafitti Wall for the public to contribute to this once-in-a-lifetime aNFT experience. Thus far the artist, Tony Hawk, his … Read more

Ethernity Chain Pursuing Layer 2 Protocol Integration

Ethernity Chain Pursuing Layer 2 Protocol Integration Ethernity Chain is currently in the process of exploring the integration of layer-2 protocols to our product offerings. We know that Ethereum scaling solutions are a critical part of the growth and utility of our token and benefits to our community. We want to make our NFT offerings … Read more


ETHERNITY SALES REPORT & ERN BUYBACK — Drops from 0–3 Ethernity is proud to provide a general sales report from our first month of aNFT (“authenticated NFT) drops. Total sales: $2,493,771 with 2.5% of the total going to charity. Today, Ethernity is announcing we will be performing an ERN buyback as promised upon launch. RECAP: The Ethernity team is … Read more

Ethernity Chain Drop #4 | May 8th

Ethernity Chain Drop #4: Pelé Ethernity Drop #3 continues to Sunday, May 2nd @ 12pm ET. We would like to thank our community for the ongoing participation onthis drop. This reminds us: “Success is no accident.” says Pelé. And we feel the same way. With the success of Muhammed Ali Drop, we want to give the legend … Read more