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Ethermon Announces Rarity Implementations to NFT Ecosystem to Prepare for Future Mon Releases

Major shifts are coming to the Ethermon Universe. We’re proud to announce a new generation of Mon release is on the horizon! The Rifts of Polygon remain open and are bringing new versions of...

Ethermon Community Call Wrap Up 7/14/21

EthermonJul 15 · 4 min readPer request from members of the community, we’ve decided to encapsulate the spirit of the conversations happening during our discord calls every week into readable form. We love the...

Ethermon Announces Top 3 #buildtoearn Submissions!

EthermonJul 12 · 3 min readAttention all Ethermon community members! The top 3 builds of the #buildtoearn competition have been determined! After a long deliberation process among the team we’ve come to a majority...

Ethermon Off-chain to On-chain Convertor is LIVE

EthermonJul 8 · 4 min readWe’re happy to announce on-chain conversion for Mons bought in Decentraland is now completed and ready for claim processing!Since the start of our existence within DCL, we’ve released several...

Ethermon #buildtoearn Game Jam Submissions Closed

EthermonJul 7 · 2 min readWell done Ethermon community! We’ve accomplished our first initiative as a collective to create the first ever Ethermon house to be deployed in our Decentraland district.2 weeks ago we...

Ethermon Community Roundup 07/02

EthermonJul 2 · 5 min read3D Gameplay Continues to Rise 📈Getting our community and player base comfortable with the 3D metaverse is very important to us. As we continue to roll out new game...

Ethermon Updates 2D Battle Ladder Rewards

EthermonJul 1 · 3 min readAttention to all Ethermon Trainers! We’re making some minor adjustments to the EMON prize pools for the 2D Battle Ladder system. We’ve seen increased participation across the board with...

How to Submit Ethermon #buildtoearn Creations!

EthermonJun 29 · 4 min readWe’re nearing the halfway point to the first build to earn competition for Ethermon! We’ve already seen some incredible early submissions come in from the community. We knew by...

Ethermon Announces #buildtoearn House Building Competition

EthermonJun 23 · 2 min readWe’re thrilled to announce the first ever Ethermon BUILD JAM is beginning June 23rd and will stretch for 2 weeks! We strongly value the community we are building together...

Ethermon $EMON Play-to-earn in 2D Battle Ladder is LIVE!

EthermonJun 15 · 3 min readWith over 50k players eager to put their Mon abilities to the test, the time has come to push the play to earn ecosystem further by introducing EMON into...

Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money Launch ΞTHΞRΞAL on Origin’s...

It’s not every day that the boundaries of art can be pushed to new heights. Today, we’re excited to announce that Origin has partnered...

Artist Series Week #12