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Gaming – Somnium Space Releases Shoot ‘Em-Up Teaser In VR

Since inception, the focus of Somnium Space and it’s residents has been to concentrate on building beautiful structures, mainly comprising of art galleries and company HQ’s. Finally, a long awaited preview of the first real...

Decentraland Releases In-World Voice Chat

When roaming the streets of Decentraland, up until now it has only been possible to interact with other users by text. In order for Decentraland to take interaction to the next level and start...

DCL Plazas Sponsors Content Creators to Boost Metaverse Coverage

The growth in popularity of all virtual blockchain worlds relies heavily on increasing the amount of content and exposure, particularly throughout social media channels. In these early stages, we feel independent content creators deserve support...

DCL Plazas Shortlisted For Most Innovative NFT Award 2020

For most people, 2020 will go down as a year to forget. However, chaos aside, it has also been the year that NFTs finally got the recognition they deserve from the wider crypto communities...

Glide Through The Metaverse Skies of Somnium Space

The importance of Virtual Reality in the metaverse is a hotly debated topic. Some believe that user numbers and VR adoption are still too low to warrant the extensive development work required to make...

7 Ways Scammers Are Stealing Your NFTs + NFT Weaknesses Exposed?

The interest in NFTs has spiked over the past few weeks, with various Crypto ‘personalities’ finally sitting up to take notice of a niche industry which, until now, has been left largely undisturbed to...

Cryptovoxels Metalympics – Let The Games Begin!

An Olympic Games style festival in the metaverse? Hell yeah!  Sewn from the small seed of an idea raised by the Cryptovoxels community, tonight will be the opening ceremony of the Metalympics, a 3...

Somnium Space Virtual Land Auction (Part Deux) – Starts Sunday 1st November

It is almost 1 year to the day since Somnium Space held it’s first virtual land auction. Back then, it was a free for all, with every plot of land being listed for sale...

New Decentraland Map – See The World From a Birds-Eye View

Now anyone can view Decentraland in its entirety using the new interactive map built by Manual Araoz @maraoz . v0.0.1 gives a fabulous view of the world from above and really highlights the growth...

Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money Launch ΞTHΞRΞAL on Origin’s...

It’s not every day that the boundaries of art can be pushed to new heights. Today, we’re excited to announce that Origin has partnered...

Artist Series Week #12