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An Introduction to Substrate-to-Substrate Bridges

As our release of a Substrate-to-Substrate Bridge is around the corner, we are testing it intensively and comprehensively. This article is an introduction to the design and implementation of Substrate-to-Substrate bridges.Before we dive into...

Evolution Land Content Contest

Hello to our Evolution Land content!It’s been nearly three years since we started building Evolution Land, and it is still leading the way towards becoming the first cross-blockchain game in history. Since we began, we’ve...

Evolution Land “DAO”

Brief IntroductionEvolution Land is designed and developed to be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) owned by the community. Dev team’s role is to kick off the project and establish the technical foundation so that...

Darwinia & Evolution Land Announcement

Dear Darwinia Ambassadors,With your help, our community has ushered in some explosive new growth. Thank you for your efforts in our community.We are glad to announce that for the better development of the Darwinia...

Version Update | The Wormhole Optimized,Darwinia Website Upgrade!

WormholeThe wormhole is an application developed by the Darwin team to realize the cross-chain transfer of assets between multiple networks. It currently supports two-way transfers between the Ethereum network and the Darwin network, and...

Evolution Land Update|Are you ready for “The Gold Rush”?

GOLD RUSHInhabitants of Evolution Land are eager explorers! Whenever a new continent is discovered, there are some who choose to abandon their comfortable lives and donate their lands back to EVE, in hopes of...

Star projects and influencers announce to join the Metaverse Evolution Land

Why to build communities in the Metaverse Evolution Land?Community fans can enjoy:Mine resources (tradable assets on DEX) on community NFT land for free(need to buy the land if play the game individually;Joint NFT mystery box...

Eden Continent Land auction and Apostle auction!

The Fifth Continent of Evolution Land: Eden Continent is officially launched!At the same time, the land auction and the apostle auction will be launched simultaneously, each time 1 land and 2 apostles will go...

Darwinia Highlight August | Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways from last monthDarwinia and Crab have released versions v0.11.2 and v0.11.3 and updated the Runtime via on-chain governance.The Polygon Continent — Eden has been deployed on Mumbai, the main net version will be launched at...

Evolution Land Metaverse Experience Officer Program

Why do we need you?Since the birth of Evolution Land, it has received unanimous praise from investors, practitioners and players. In order to better serve the users of Evolution Land and those who are interested...

A First Look into Aurory, an RPG on Solana

Over the past few months I’ve had a couple of chances to cover Aurory, but in the end I’ve never written about this play-to-earn...