Royale Finance raises $1.45 million to bring DeFi to iGaming

Royale Finance, a cross-chain DeFi solution that uses liquidity pools to provide funding for iGaming startups, today announced it has raised $1.45 million USD to merge DeFi with iGaming, a multi-billion dollar market that includes online casinos, sports betting, poker, prediction markets, lotteries, and more. Contributors to Royale’s funding round include Alphabit Fund, AU21 Capital, … Read more

Paxos adopts Chainlink oracles to further adoption of PAX and PAXG tokens

Paxos, a crypto brokerage and infrastructure platform, today announced it is now working with Chainlink to leverage its market-leading decentralized oracle network. This will boost the adoption of the USD-backed stablecoin Paxos Standard (PAX) and the gold-backed token PAX Gold (PAXG) within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem—a parallel financial system built on the blockchain which allows … Read more

Tokensoft and Anchorage create xBTC on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain

Tokensoft, an institutional platform for securely managing digital assets and getting SEC-registered blockchain securities to market, today announced a partnership with Anchorage, a qualified custodian, to develop xBTC on Stacks 2.0, a blockchain that enables apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin. Together, they will provide institutional-grade custody and programmability of new digital assets on Stacks … Read more

Alchemy to build API and developer platform for Chain

Taking another solid step towards mainnet launch, today announced a new partnership with Alchemy to power the developer platform, further expanding the Chain support ecosystem. Alchemy, a blockchain developer platform, powering $15 billion in on-chain transactions and relied upon by 70% of the top Ethereum apps will support the growth of … Read more

Hedera to begin hackathon dedicated to building tokenization apps

The team of enterprise-focused distributed ledger platform Hedera, announced today its Hedera 21 Hackathon, will take place from January 19th until February 12th, with a confirmed list of judges from organizations including Google, PayPal, LG Electronics, Wipro, and the Chopra Foundation, among others. What: Hedera21 – a virtual hackathon to showcase the tokenization of digital … Read more

Fireblocks launches staking services with Blockdaemon and Staked support

Fireblocks, an enterprise-grade crypto-asset infrastructure platform, announced today it has integrated with Blockdaemon and Staked to add new staking services for over 165 enterprise and institutional customers. The new Fireblocks PoS capabilities will debut with initial support for Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), and Eth 2.0. “Fireblocks already simplifies securing and trading cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and … Read more

TrustToken integrates with Secret Network to enable private stablecoins

TrustToken, the team behind the TrueFi uncollateralized lending platform and stablecoin protocol including TrueUSD, a dollar-backed stablecoin with live on-chain audits, today announced a partnership agreement with Secret Network, a public blockchain to provide privacy-preserving smart contracts. Through the partnership, TrustToken’s TUSD becomes Secret Network’s first asset-backed stablecoin partner, paving the way for private stablecoins and … Read more

Darwinia partners with Cere on Polkadot ecosystem development

Cere Network, a blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for customer data integration and collaboration, today announced its partnership with Darwinia, an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate. Through this technical partnership, Cere will continue improving its product offering for enterprises that are connected with the Polkadot ecosystem. Darwinia will also join the SaaS-Defi alliance, … Read more

Crypto exchange Gemini opens waitlist for reward-based credit card

Gemini, the popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange company, today announced the upcoming launch of the Gemini Credit Card, a credit card that lets users earn up to 3% back in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for every dollar spent. The Gemini Credit Card waitlist is now open. Those who join will get early access to apply. The Gemini … Read more

Japan crypto exchange Coincheck records record account activity in 2020

Coincheck, a licensed Japan-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, today released some statistics on user accounts, and trends for the service year of 2020. Of the 14 crypto-assets handled by Coincheck, the coin with the highest price increase in 2020 was NEM (XEM). The second-highest price increase was Ethereum (ETH), followed by Bitcoin (BTC). In February … Read more