Cometh⚗️ feat. APY Vision

Super excited to launch our first collection in our Tube V2 with APY vision. Everything now happens on Polygon (Except the Mythic auction, auction are still not available on Matic Opensea😃) APY Vision Tube will start on Friday 11th of June at 3pm GMT on We also introduce a new way to earn Spaceships, … Read more

Summer 2021 Climax: The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix

Five months after going live on Polygon, Cometh’s groundbreaking DeFi and Gaming applications drove an unprecedented traction: More than 4,200 yield generating Spaceship NFT were minted, bridged and traded between Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet (average price 0.61 ETH) More than 4,100 unique players did about 4,200,000 transactions to compete on mining asteroïds and to manage more … Read more

The cometh tube V2 is live on Polygon!

➡️ Let’s start with some incredible milestones we’ve hit over the past 5 months: 4,311 spaceships minted 4,000 unique players (+100% in 4 weeks) $200K earned by the top 10 players ~450 stakers, $1.6M of TVL New tube, New features Re-built on Polygon to be more accessible From day 1, we wanted to create an accessible game bringing everyone … Read more

The TUBE : Announcing MUST ⚗️ Staking release on Polygon

Original illustration: The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus — Joseph Wright of Derby, 1771 In Cometh’s original Whitepaper, the TUBE 🧪 was a staking tool to unlock new NFT, to grow the value of MUST⚗️ and also to scale the activity of the Cometh ecosystem. A first version of the TUBE 🧪 was released on Ethereum Mainnet on the 15th … Read more

Introducing Starter Kit and Email Onboarding.

Introducing Starter Kits & Email Onboarding ✉️ Cometh’s ambition is to gamify DeFi and make it accessible to everyone. To easily onboard new players, we’ve added the ability to play with just an email and starter kits, with spaceships ready to play, directly on Polygon’s L2. The 1-click play experience To eliminate the tedious step … Read more

Doki and Azuki flying in the Cometh Galaxy ⚗️

Excited to launch the Lunarella collection with DokiDoki in a Cometh-branded DeGacha. This collaboration pushes one step further the limits of cross interactions between NFT projects on Polygon. TLDR; DokiDoki spaceships and collectibles to be minted as NFTs and redeemable via a DeGacha, a Decentralized Gachapon Machine on Polygon, built by DokiDoki & Cometh teams. DeGacha Spin … Read more

Yield Farming from BSC to ComethSwap in 3 simple steps ☄️

Already using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but want to diversify your farming strategies? Leverage ComethSwap on Polygon L2 to get the best APYs in DeFi by following these 3 simple steps: From BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to ComethSwap Transfer funds from BSC to Polygon using Set up your Metamask RPC on the Polygon Chain Farm triple … Read more

Kleros feat Cometh, a cosmic balance ⚖️

We are excited to announce our latest ecosystem partnership with a project that has been in the space (no pun intended) for ever: Kleros.Get ready, auction starts on Thursday, 22nd of April at 5pm UTC on OpenSea. Details below: Kleros themed Spaceships to be minted as NFTs on and used on Kleros themed Spaceships … Read more

Cometh Docs: Tutorials, 101s, FAQs

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