XPLA Verse Debuts on Oasys with Com2uS Games

Web3 gaming ecosystem XPLA, in collaboration with Com2uS Group, has officially launched its own layer 2 chain, XPLA Verse, on the Oasys blockchain. The launch includes several popular games from Com2uS, such as “Summoners War: Chronicle” and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars,” bringing these titles into the blockchain gaming realm.

Com2uS Titles Go Live on XPLA Verse

The introduction of XPLA Verse features notable games from Com2uS Group. “Summoners War: Chronicles,” an action RPG derived from the widely successful “Summoners War: Sky Arena,” which has over 220 million downloads, and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars,” a game with 250,000 monthly active users, are now live on the new platform.

Players of the first games on XPLA Verse, “Summoners Wars: Chronicle” and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars,” will benefit from fast transactions and no network fees.

As we reported in February, Com2uS planned to expand its role by creating its own ‘Verse’ on the platform. XPLA Verse will utilize Oasys’ infrastructure to deliver players diverse and compliant blockchain gaming experiences.

Leveraging Global Reach and IP

Com2uS Group’s global presence, especially its pioneering role in mobile game development in South Korea, is set to help onboard players to XPLA Verse. Furthermore, the company will leverage its existing intellectual property (IP) and brand recognition to release immersive Web3 games that showcase the unique features of blockchain technology.

Since 2022, Com2uS has accelerated its Web3 initiatives in the Japanese market and has been a key participant in the Oasys ecosystem as an initial validator. Along with XPLA, the company aims to use Oasys’ understanding of Japan’s regulatory environment to strengthen its market presence and attract more users from East Asia.

Dominic Jang, the Head of Business Development of Oasys, remarked, “As Japan’s stance on the Web3 market shifts towards ‘active promotion,’ we sincerely welcome XPLA’s proactive entry.”

Enhancing the Oasys Ecosystem

XPLA, centred around the idea of “Explore and Play,” encompasses a diverse array of digital content such as Web3 games, blockchain gaming platforms, NFT marketplaces, and metaverses.

The launch of XPLA Verse aligns with Oasys’ ongoing strategy of partnering with major game companies to broaden the scope of blockchain gaming and accelerate mainstream adoption. Integrating these games into the Oasys ecosystem will bolster Oasys’ status as a leading Web3 gaming hub and attract Web2 gamers and fans of popular IP.

Overall, this collaboration highlights the growing intersection of traditional gaming companies with blockchain technology, aiming to revolutionize the gaming landscape and offer enhanced experiences to a broader audience.


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