Thetan World Announces 10,000 USDT Airdrop Event

Thetan World, a Web3 gaming platform developed by Wolffun Game, has recently launched an Airdrop Event with a prize pool of 10,000 USDT distributed among 800 winners. This event is part of Thetan World’s broader strategy to expand the GameFi ecosystem and attract new users to the blockchain world through their popular game, Thetan Arena.

Aiming for Wider Participation

The Airdrop Event, following a series of successful events, including the NFT 2.0 Pre-Registration Event and Mounting Event, has been met with some excitement from the GameFi community and investors. 

To participate, users must visit the official website, join the Thetan World Discord Community, follow Thetan World on Twitter, join the Thetan World Telegram Community, and verify their wallet address by purchasing a Thetan Box.

The event started on May 22 and will continue until June 12. According to the announcement, the wallet address list is automatically updated every 12 hours. Also, if users cannot verify their address at the time, they are advised to return and try again after 12 hours.

To participate in the Airdrop Event, users must possess at least one Blank NFT, which you can purchase from Thetan World starting at $9.99. With each participant having a chance to win 12.5 USDT, this presents an affordable entry point for users to own a valuable NFT with investment potential.

What is Thetan World?

Thetan World is a Web3 platform that caters to game developers, players, investors, and influencers. It features a unified economy across all games, and an Inflation Control Center to ensure stability. Additionally, the platform’s play-to-earn model allows users to buy NFTs and earn across multiple games, while a user-friendly interface simplifies navigation for all users.

Currently, Thetan World includes games like Thetan Arena, Thetan Rivals, and Thetan Immortal, with more titles planned for the future. This expansion aims to create a seamless and engaging experience for everyone involved in the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

In addition to the Airdrop Event, Thetan World also had the public sale of their Opening NFT Collection on May 15, 2024. This collection was available to purchase with every Thetan Box, allowing users to enter the GameFi space and explore its potential.


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