Enjin Blockchain Unveils Quick Wallet to Simplify NFT Claims

Web3 technology has been gaining momentum in recent years, with the rise of NFTs being one of its most notable developments. However, despite its potential, accessing the Web3 ecosystem can still be challenging for many due to technical barriers and unfamiliarity with the technology. 

In response, Enjin Blockchain has recently launched Quick Wallet, a new feature aimed at simplifying access and enhancing user experience within the Web3 ecosystem.

Simplifying NFT Claims

Quick Wallet allows users to claim Enjin Beam NFTs without initially having the Enjin Wallet installed. Users can claim the Beam for free via email or at a later time using a securely generated code in the Enjin Wallet. This feature is designed to expand the Enjin Ecosystem by making it easier for users new to Web3 technology to engage with NFTs.

For users unfamiliar with the Enjin Ecosystem, Quick Wallet provides an option to claim the Beam now and download the Enjin Wallet later. 

Traditional Web2 users can claim the Beam using their email. As they become more comfortable with Web3 technology, they can transition to the Enjin Wallet. This approach aims to onboard millions of new users into the Enjin Ecosystem by reducing friction in the NFT claiming process.

Enhancing the User Experience

Quick Wallet aims to create a more inclusive and accessible Web3 environment. With over 4 billion active users worldwide, email offers a familiar method for users to engage with NFTs. This accessibility allows even those with minimal exposure to blockchain technology to participate.

The feature also enhances the user experience by enabling NFT claims through simple QR codes and confirmation numbers, making it convenient for users on a laptop or mobile device. Users can transfer their NFTs to a more permanent wallet at their convenience. Additionally, Quick Wallet provides a secure entry point for new users into the world of NFTs by managing the technical aspects of asset storage and ensuring up-to-date security measures.

Broadening Applications

Quick Wallet is useful in both online and physical settings. For online marketing, it allows the integration of claim links into digital content such as newsletters and social media channels. Businesses can reward readers with NFTs, capturing audiences from various blockchain networks.

In physical settings, Quick Wallet can add value to products with NFT-backed certificates of authenticity. For example, a comic book creator can include a single-use QR code inside the comic book, allowing purchasers to claim the Beam via email. At conventions, Quick Wallet enables quick NFT claims through printed QR codes, providing a straightforward method for introducing new users to Web3.


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