Axie Infinity Introduces Community Voting with Axie Score System

Axie Infinity has unveiled the Axie Governance Portal and Axie Score, marking a new era of player participation in the game’s evolution. By linking their Ronin Wallets and staking $AXS tokens, players can now directly influence the game’s decision-making by voting on significant proposals that impact the future direction of Axie Infinity.

Introducing the Axie Score

A central component of this new governance model is the Axie Score, a point system reflecting community members’ contributions to the game. Essentially, the more value a community member adds to Axie Infinity, the higher their Axie Score. This score will modify a community member’s staked $AXS to compute their total voting power for decision-making.

The calculation of the Axie Score has been a topic of debate within the community, focusing on what types of contributions should be included and how their value should be measured over time. To address these concerns, Sky Mavis and the Axie Infinity Town Builders formed an inaugural committee to refine the Axie Score design.

Source Axie Infinity

Four Primary Contribution Categories

The initial version of the Axie Score design includes four primary contribution categories: in-game performance, contributions to the Treasury, community contributions, and Axie NFT holdings. Each category will have specific badges representing individual contributions, and the total Axie Score will be the sum of all earned badges across these categories. Overall, this system aims to reflect a community member’s engagement and contributions to the ecosystem.

Voting and Governance

The first use of the Axie Score will be within the Axie Governance Portal, where it will modify voting power. To ensure the legitimacy of votes, community members must stake $AXS tokens to participate. The governance model also incorporates a quadratic modifier to prevent outsized influence from large holders and to value broader community input. “Stake to Vote: We want to maximize the legitimacy of all votes within the community,” said the development team.

The first proposal, AIP-001, focuses on enabling enhanced delegation of Axie assets through a hard fork on the Ronin network. Voting for this proposal will open on May 20 and close on May 27. To participate, users should stake their $AXS tokens before the snapshot at 1:00 AM UTC on May 20.

Community Engagement and Future Developments

“We’re proud of this community, and we’re grateful for the Town Builders, the Contributors, the smart contract upgrade committee, and our fellow Axie Score committee members,” said the development team. “This is a small yet significant step for Axie and gaming. Its full impact will only be understood over time.”

Finally, Sky Mavis and the Axie Infinity team have emphasized that this initial release of the governance portal and Axie Score is just the beginning. They plan to continue refining these tools with community feedback to ensure a fair and engaging governance experience for all players.


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