Snaky Cat: The Latest Web3 Game to Debut on Base

The classic game “Snake” has been a staple of the gaming industry since its inception in the late 1970s. Over the years, this simple yet addictive game has undergone numerous iterations and adaptations. However, none have captured the hearts of gamers quite like Snaky Cat.

Developed by iCandy Interactive in partnership with Animoca Brands, Snaky Cat takes the traditional Snake game and adds a new twist – Web3 technology. Released on Base, a layer-2 Ethereum scaling network created by U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Snaky Cat combines nostalgic gameplay with play-to-earn technology.

The Snaky Cat Concept

In Snaky Cat, players take on the role of cat-like serpents that grows upon consuming food items. The objective is to grow the longest cat and climb the leaderboard, all while earning TOWER token rewards.

The game may seem simple at first glance, but it offers a competitive multiplayer experience that keeps players engaged and coming back for more. With the added incentive of earning TOWER tokens, players have even more reason to strive for the top spot.

Play-to-Earn Structure

To participate in each round, players need to acquire tickets using TOWER tokens and connect a cryptocurrency wallet. This unique play-to-earn structure allows players to accumulate TOWER tokens as they compete in the game. These tokens hold real-world value and can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

But the play-to-earn system doesn’t end with Snaky Cat. The TOWER tokens earned in this game are also integrated into three additional games developed by iCandy Interactive: Crazy Kings, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Chaos Kingdom. This interconnected ecosystem allows players to earn rewards across multiple games, further increasing the value of TOWER tokens.

iCandy Interactive and Animoca Brands

The game is a product of iCandy’s Malaysian branch. The talented team behind iCandy has extensive experience in developing successful mobile games and have brought that expertise to the creation of Snaky Cat. 

Animoca Brands, an investor in iCandy, has also played a crucial role in the games development. As one of the leading companies in blockchain gaming, Animoca Brands contributed their Web3 expertise to the creation of this unique game and its integration with Base.

Embracing Web3 Innovations

With the integration of Web3 technology, Snaky Cat offers players a glimpse into the future of gaming. As more and more developers embrace this technology, we can expect to see even more innovative games that give players real ownership and value in the virtual world.

Snaky Cat is not just another Snake game. It’s a Web3 game that combines nostalgic gameplay with revolutionary technology. With its play-to-earn structure and integration with other games, Snaky Cat offers players a unique gaming experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.


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