Atari Offers Club Member Jackets to ARC NFT Holders

Atari recently unveiled the new versions of its coveted Atari Club member jackets. These attractive jackets are not available for all—only the holders of Atari’s ARC NFTs will have access.

The jackets serve as a creative blend of the gaming world and fashion. This has been possible due to Atari’s official collaboration with the popular fashion brand, Members Only. The partnership promises to deliver unique and distinctive jackets, creating collector’s pieces that resonate with gaming enthusiasts and fashion lovers.

NFT Owners Enjoy Special Benefits

Atari offers enticing benefits for ARC NFT holders. These perks form the cornerstone of Atari’s strategy in nurturing a close-knit community of gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike.

Advanced early access to new Atari merchandise, voting privileges on key issues, and exclusive discounts will be part of the ARC NFT ownership package. Furthermore, NFT holders will also enjoy presale access to the newly launched member jackets. This initiative is a testament to Atari’s continuous efforts to strengthen its bond with its prestigious NFT holders.

The company has announced that the jackets will reach their new owners roundabout February or March of 2024. This substantial lead time adds to the exclusivity surrounding these jackets, celebrating their status as unique collectibles for dedicated Atari fans and NFT collectors.

Atari’s Blockchain Explorations

Atari has been progressively exploring and integrating blockchain technology for approximately six years now. The overarching ambition behind this strategy is to leverage the promising avenues of Web3 player ownership and third-party integrations. Their endeavours in the unchartered territories of the gaming industry have reflected their innovative and forward-thinking ethos.

However, Atari has clarified that it does not plan to venture down the “play-to-earn” route. This strategic decision indicates Atari’s distinctive stand amidst current gaming trends that have pivoted towards game rewards as player incentives.


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