Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC by Drecom Joins The Sandbox Platform

The Sandbox has partnered with Drecom, creators of the iconic “Wizardry” franchise. The collaboration aims to introduce “Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC,” a blockchain adaptation of the well-known game, offering both new and existing audiences innovative gaming experiences.

A Fusion of Old and New

Drecom’s “Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC” plans to integrate seamlessly into The Sandbox’s platform, which already boasted over 1 million unique users in 2022. Moreover, both companies will leverage their voxel-based assets to explore additional collaborations.

“We are delighted to be partnering with The Sandbox, a leading company in the Web3 industry. Not only will we have the opportunity to bring “Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC -” to the many users of The Sandbox, also we hope to learn a lot from their global success in the Web3 space as we work together to boost the Web3 industry.” stated Yuki Naito, Representative Director at Drecom.

Source Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC

“Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC” is developed using blockchain technology from Drecom’s longstanding “Wizardry” franchise. It combines a straightforward clicker game with the strategic play style typical of RPGs. Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-founder of The Sandbox echoed the excitement, acknowledging Drecom’s industry leadership and the potential of introducing “Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC” to a global audience through decentralized virtual worlds.

What is Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC?

Eternal Crypt — Wizardry BC combines the classic elements of the original Wizardry series with blockchain technology, a new direction in gaming. The game shifts from its role-playing game (RPG) roots to a more simplified “cookie-clicker” format while preserving the strategic aspects that made the original popular. In the game, players take on the role of a guildmaster, assembling a team of skilled adventurers to defeat enemies and delve deeper into dungeons in search of a rare item called “Blood Crystal.”

While it’s possible to play the game without buying adventurer NFTs, owning these NFTs offers certain advantages. For instance, only a few adventurers can collect the elusive Blood Crystal. As a result, recruiting these specialized adventurers comes with a fee.

The partnership between The Sandbox and Drecom marks an essential step in the evolution of Web3 gaming. Both companies aim to use this collaboration as a springboard for future ventures that could redefine how games are played, experienced, and developed in the blockchain space.


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