Polygon Labs ‘Spotlight Quest’: A Gateway to the World of Web3

To cultivate an inclusive community in the Web3 environment, Polygon Labs has recently initiated the first chapter of the exciting new series, “Spotlight Quest: Polygon Validators”. This program is designed to assist both enthusiasts and beginners as they transition from the well-trodden paths of Web2 to the dynamic and constantly evolving terrains of Web3, marked by decentralized governance and a wealth of opportunities.

Embark on a Web3 Adventure 

Polygon Labs invites all blockchain explorers to dive deeper into decentralization with this series. Every month, attendees can expand their understanding of the ecosystem by interacting with interviews featuring Polygon PoS validators. These sessions shed light on the duties and the network involved, enhancing participants’ comprehension of Polygon PoS systems.

Moreover, participants are urged to discover a hidden secret passphrase in each spotlight, which lets them mint a unique NFT on Galxe, adding an enjoyable and interactive dimension to the educational journey. A total of 1,000 NFTs are available to be minted.

Discover Roles and Earn Rewards 

The first season showcases five distinct traits representing diverse aspects of the blockchain environment. Attendees can anticipate stepping into roles such as Mage, Adventurer, Firekeeper, Alchemist, and Miner. Each persona corresponds with a particular spotlight validator each month, encouraging connections and understanding of the varied elements of the decentralized web.

The journey has already begun, with the premiere interview with the team at Proton Gaming now available. Read the blog, find the code, and mint your first trait. Enthusiasts can also catch more discussions and upcoming insights on the Polygon Labs Blog and their official social channels, keeping up with the latest happenings and exploring pathways in Web3.

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Helping to Shape a Web3 Future 

In Spotlight Quest, everyone is encouraged to participate in this journey, striving to build a more equal and inclusive future through the extensive adoption of Web3 technologies.

Furthermore, it aims to make the move to the Web3 era easy and understandable for all. At the core of this initiative lies an education-centric approach, where individuals are encouraged to unravel Web3 through dialogues with Polygon PoS validators. Adding a dash of excitement to this journey is the opportunity to acquire unique NFTs, serving as both a token of participation and a gateway to further exploration within the Web3 space.


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