Co-Own the Track: Dutch Grand Prix’s Digital Collectible

The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix has introduced a novel fan engagement experience involving digital collectibles. Fans of the event can now claim a digital piece of the Circuit Zandvoort, making them a symbolic co-owner of the circuit during the race weekend. Moreover, this ownership is authenticated on the blockchain, ensuring a secure record of possession.

Claiming and Unwrapping the Digital Piece of the Circuit

The process to claim this digital piece of the track has been broken down into two clear steps. Firstly, ticket holders can claim their digital collectible linked to their MyDGP account and placed in an automatically generated wallet and the Dutch GP app. This step transforms them into symbolic co-owners of the circuit during the race weekend.

Next, an hour before the race on August 27, the piece of track will be “unwrapped.” Fans can see their part of the circuit through specific coordinates in the app and wallet. This moment represents the culmination of anticipation, providing an interactive experience for fans.

However, it’s worth noting that these NFTs are not meant for trading or any financial activities. Instead, the focus is on uniquely connecting fans to the Dutch Grand Prix, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Circuit van Zandvoort.

Special Offers and the Future of Fan Engagement

In addition to the symbolic ownership of the track, these NFTs also come with opportunities to win special Dutch GP prizes. After the race, 75 lucky winners will receive limited editions of the Dutch GP collectible and the Historic Grand Prix 2024 tickets. These offerings further enhance the excitement surrounding the event.

Moreover, integrating blockchain technology and digital ownership represents a significant step forward in fan engagement. By creating a new layer of interaction and personal connection, the Dutch Grand Prix is leading how sporting events can leverage technology to foster deeper connections with fans.

Racing Meets Technology: NFTs Enter the Formula 1 Scene

The Monaco Grand Prix in May offered fans more than just a thrilling race; it became a fusion of sports and technology with Formula 1 NFT race tickets, minted on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon. Beyond granting entry to the race, these digital tokens provided additional perks, such as hospitality benefits and future race discounts, enhancing the overall fan experience.

In a separate endeavour, Kraken engaged its community by allowing NFT holders with assets listed on its native marketplace to participate in creating race car decals. This unique approach began on August 1 and is aimed at involving NFT enthusiasts in the Formula 1 racing experience, demonstrating how the world of digital assets is influencing various facets of entertainment and sports.


This initiative by the Dutch Grand Prix reflects a broader trend in fan engagement, moving beyond mere spectatorship to active participation. While these digital collectibles are not aimed at encouraging speculation or financial gain, they offer a fresh and interactive way for fans to connect with the event. As NFT ticket technology continues to evolve, so will how fans and sporting events interact, which is a promising step in that direction.


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