GoodGang Labs: Shaping Virtual Interactions with NFTs

Singapore’s GoodGang Labs has marked a significant milestone, as the avatar communications start-up successfully raised $2 million in seed funding. GoodGang Labs is designing an immersive platform where users can interact through animated avatars and they will incorporate NFTs to further enhance this dynamic online communication experience.

The company noted on Thursday that this financial injection comes from Kakao Investment, a subsidiary of the well-known South Korean tech titan, Kakao.

Embracing the B2B Market with Kiki Town

The funds obtained will be purposefully directed towards the growth and enhancement of ‘Kiki Town’, GoodGang Labs’ flagship product quietly preparing to transform the landscape of virtual interactions. The start-up also has its eyes on the business-to-business market, with plans to offer a software-as-a-service API for its cutting-edge human-to-avatar technology.

Distinct from other platforms in the arena, Kiki Town boasts an exclusive feature – it only transmits voice and avatar motion data. This unique trait results in a lean platform that runs with greater efficiency.

Let’s remember the viewing experience too. Kiki Town ditches the static, 2D interfaces of yesteryears and instead offers an immersive 3D environment. Users can enjoy diverse viewing angles through multiple virtual cameras – a feature that puts a fresh spin on virtual engagement.

GangHouse for Web3: The NFT Connection

GoodGang Labs isn’t slowing down, either. The company is on the cusp of revealing GangHouse for Web3. This technology lets users converse in real time using their NFTs. This emerging technology has the potential to reshape how people communicate within the burgeoning NFT ecosystem.

GoodGang Labs’ CEO and Co-Founder, Dookyung Ahn, shared his thoughts: “We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way individuals connect and communicate in the digital age. We envision a world where technology is a catalyst for deeper human connections, where individuals can freely express themselves, connect with diverse communities, and engage in enriching conversations without the limitations of appearance or physical location.”

Ahn also emphasized the company’s aspiration to forge a virtual realm where individuals can discover their authentic selves and engage with others in previously impossible ways.

Voicing similar optimism, Scott Kwon, Kakao Investment’s CEO, recognized the transformative potential of avatars in redefining online self-expression: “Given the right technology, people will be able to replicate social interactions that were only possible offline in the virtual world as well. We also expect completely new, innovative social interactions to emerge online with avatar-based communications.”

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BeerGang: GoodGang Labs’ Foray into NFT Market

Building upon the promising traction GoodGang Labs has gained in the Web3 markets, the company’s BeerGang NFT collection is an endorsement of its increasing market allure. This collection, boasting 3,333 unique items, sold out entirely on LINE’s NFT marketplace, DOSI. This success underscores the inventive offerings GoodGang Labs continues to introduce to the industry.

In the shifting sands of the digital age, GoodGang Labs is positioning itself as a lighthouse, guiding the way towards an exciting new frontier of online communication. With a well-funded war chest and a slew of innovative offerings, the Singapore-based start-up is undoubtedly one to watch as we venture deeper into the world of avatar communications.


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