Wakweli and Blockchain Lawyers Group Join Forces for Web3 Certification

The collaboration between Wakweli and BLG aims to strengthen Web3 legal expertise and refine the Proof of Democracy consensus algorithm.

Wakweli, an innovative Web3 protocol, has announced a collaboration with the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG), a global network of legal experts in blockchain and crypto-related matters. This partnership promises to benefit the Web3 and NFT ecosystems.

The collaboration aims to enhance Web3 legal expertise, deepen refinements in the Proof of Democracy consensus algorithm, and provide easy access to qualified legal advice for businesses in the decentralized ecosystem.

Validating Certificates and Strengthening Certification Process

As part of the partnership, Blockchain Lawyers Group members will validate Wakweli’s first certificates and help strengthen the certification process. This effort seeks to maintain the market integrity of tokenized assets, improve liquidity, and establish Wakweli as a trusted benchmark in the decentralized ecosystem.

Miguel Dinis Lucas, Founder and Member of the Blockchain Lawyers Group, shared his excitement for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with such an innovative company as Wakweli, which is trying to solve a preeminent issue in the NFT space. We are confident that our collaboration will bring new levels of innovation and user-friendliness to the market.”


Bolstering Web3 Legal Expertise and Protocol Refinements

Last year, Wakweli launched its website, whitepaper, and Alpha version. This initiative invites businesses to develop on its layered infrastructure and submit applications for token grants from its blockchain-based treasury. A dedicated foundation is set to be formed later this year to oversee the initiative.

The Wakweli-BLG partnership aims to deliver effective legal counsel for blockchain and crypto-related concerns, reinforcing Web3 legal know-how, refining protocols, and facilitating easy access to legal guidance for businesses within the decentralized ecosystem.

Furthermore, Wakweli garnered $1.1 million in its initial investment round, and generates certificates of authenticity for NFTs. Deceptive practices within the NFT sector are challenging to avoid and erode the overall confidence in the ecosystem. With their certificates of authenticity, Wakweli is aiming to change this. Moreover, the collaboration with the Blockchain Lawyers Group is set to enhance the project’s value and contribute to the flourishing Web3 ecosystem.

In March, Wakweli partnered with Polygon to ensure that each digital asset on Polygon is compatible with Wakweli’s certification system. Users who hold NFTs on the network can ask for authenticity certificates for their respective assets.

You can find more information about Wakweli on their Website, Twitter, Discord , Telegram, and LinkedIn


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