Eternal Paradox Review – A 4X Turn-Based RPG Adventure

Eternal Paradox is an innovative hybrid 4X turn-based RPG from Gala Games that takes players on an epic adventure full of exploration, strategy, and exciting battles. With its unique blend of genres, the game provides a fresh and immersive gaming experience that challenges players to develop their land, train mercenaries, and outsmart their opponents. This review delves into the various aspects of Eternal Paradox to determine if this ambitious game is worth your time and attention.

Exploration and Adventure

The world of Eternal Paradox is vast and diverse, beckoning players to explore its intricacies and uncover hidden treasures. As you venture through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of landscapes, each with their own unique challenges and opportunities. Exploration is crucial in Eternal Paradox, as it allows players to discover valuable resources, expand their territories, and encounter formidable opponents.

Land Ownership and Control

Land ownership is a central feature of the game, with players vying for control of territories to increase their wealth and influence. Developing and improving your land will entice other players to move in as tenants, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. As you gain resources from your tenants, your wealth will grow, allowing you to further improve your land and attract even more players.

Players can own and trade virtual land with six different rarities to choose from. Owning NFT Land not only allows you to control the territory but also grants you the ability to set bonuses for your tenants. These bonuses can make your land highly attractive to other players, providing a competitive edge in the game.

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The Hybrid RPG-4X Experience

Eternal Paradox masterfully combines 4X elements (Explore, Exploit, Expand, Exterminate) with RPG-style turn-based combat to create a captivating gaming experience. Players can collect and train 20 different mercenaries, each with their unique abilities, to build a powerful army capable of overcoming any challenge. In addition to training your mercenaries, you can participate in daily missions, PVP battles, and arena competitions to earn Silver Points and EPX tokens, which determine your rank and can be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades.


Eternal Paradox is an engaging and innovative game that successfully merges the best elements of 4X and RPG genres. With its expansive world, strategic gameplay, and unique NFT Land feature, it offers a fresh and exciting experience for casual and hardcore gamers.

 If you’re a fan of either 4X or RPG games, Eternal Paradox is definitely worth trying out. With its innovative blend of genres and compelling gameplay, this game promises hours of entertainment and strategic fun.

Eternal Paradox incorporates RPG elements through its turn-based combat system. Players can collect and train 20 different mercenaries, each with unique abilities, to build a powerful army.

Players can earn Silver Points and EPX tokens by training their mercenaries, participating in daily missions, engaging in PVP battles, and competing in the arena.

Eternal Paradox combines 4X and RPG genres, creating a unique hybrid gaming experience.

NFT Land refers to virtual land in the game that players can own and trade as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Owning NFT Land allows players to control territory and set bonuses for tenants.

Land ownership plays a central role in Eternal Paradox. Players develop and improve their land to attract tenants, increasing their wealth and influence in the game.


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