POGs NFTs: A Blast from the Past Enters the Digital Realm

Remember POGs? Those fun, colorful playground slammers that took the 90s by storm? Well, they’re back! This time, however, they’re pairing the physical milk caps and slammers with POGs NFTs and an online game. So, prepare to be hooked again by these nostalgic collectibles in their new digital form.

Play, Earn, and Collect POGs NFTs

The World POG Federation, through its subsidiary POGs NFT, has tapped Origin Protocol’s Origin Story NFT platform to develop a custom marketplace for the drop. This will feature a cool 3,800 Ethereum NFTs available to mint spanning a mix of POGs and slammers with unique artwork for each at 0.049 ETH. The launch is April 6th.

For those young enough not to remember the POGs craze – here’s a taste:

These NFTs will be for more than just show. They can be used in upcoming Ethereum-based video games to launch this summer. The first play-to-earn POG game is called Stack and Slam. So, not only will you be able to relive your childhood memories, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn while playing the game!

In addition, the NFTs will feature artwork from renowned NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Moonbirds. For example, Bored Ape holders are enabled to use or license their artwork for commercial products. In contrast, the open-source Moonbirds artwork is free for anyone to use. This collaboration will surely make the POGs NFTs even more attractive to collectors and gamers.

Join the Frenzy – The First Wave of POG NFTs Drops Soon

The first wave is set to kick off April 6th at 9 am PST and conclude by 11 am PST. So, set your alarms and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to secure a piece of the digital POGs craze!

In contrast to the POGs of yesteryear, these digital versions will offer added value and utility through their integration into various Web3 ecosystems. Similarly, this comeback shows how beloved brands and collectibles can find new life through innovative technology.

The initial release will include 4,444 Ethereum NFTs, spanning a mix of POGs and slammers, each with unique artwork. 3,800 are available for minting and 644 are from the arcade supply.

The POGs NFT project combines the nostalgia of 90’s POGs with digital NFT discs, creating unique collectibles for use in upcoming Ethereum-based video games.

Each POG NFT is priced at 0.049 ETH.

The first wave of POGs NFTs is scheduled to begin at 9 am PST and end by 11 am PST on April 6th.


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