Stack Sats for Playing Chess

Any good at chess? Whether you’re a chess master or a chess newb, there’s a new incentive to play the classic game of strategy: Earn Bitcoin for playing!

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are becoming increasingly popular, and offer users a unique way to earn cryptocurrency – by merely having fun. The more you play, the more crypto rewards you earn.

Until now, many gaming platforms have created intricate games with complicated revenue models.

As a result, users have to figure out how to play before they even know what kind of potential earnings await them. Furthermore, many crypto-based platforms are only known among crypto communities and do not reach their full potential in terms of P2E  capabilities.

More and more platforms recognize this problem and are seeking to incorporate P2E with commonplace, contemporary games. One such project is rewarding gamers with sats. Bitcoin sats (short for satoshis) are the smallest unit of measurement for a Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Chess

Get Bitcoin for Playing Chess

Mobile payment firm Zebedee, and Viker, an esteemed mobile gaming studio, are working to bring you Bitcoin Chess — the platform that allows users to play chess for sats.

You can now earn small amounts of Bitcoin just by playing this timeless game. So why not try your luck at winning some Bitcoin today?

The two firms have also launched another game called Bitcoin Scratch, where players are given packs of scratch cards. Anyone with matching cards can win up to 250 satoshis. Not much but it’s a good start!

Although a satoshi is only valued at 0.00000001 BTC (approximately $0.00021), they can really add up, and users can accumulate and redeem them through Zebedee’s payment interface as fiat currency.

According to the game’s developers, satoshi rewards will be taken from the overall revenue of their product. While players may only earn a few cents per session, it makes it sustainable over time according to Zebedee in a Press Release.

With chess having a broad reach internationally, this platform presents an opportunity to expose users unfamiliar with crypto assets and P2E systems. This can help raise cognizance of cryptocurrencies as well as these platforms.


We have had plenty of games built on the blockchain, but this is the first legacy game where players can earn BTC, or make that sats!

It might appear as if incorporating P2E into traditional games is a step back, but it could actually bring thousands of new users to the crypto space. Not only does this increase revenue for game producers, but it also creates greater opportunities for newcomers unfamiliar with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

With this in mind, integrating P2E into classic gaming can turn out to be an advantageous situation for everyone involved, and of course speed up adoption.


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