Notorious Kings is creating a Buzz and it is for a reason

Notorious Kings is a collection of 3D artwork aiming to recreate the greatest lion coalition of all times. Born out of exceptional technological advancement, Notorious Kings is bringing 3D artwork that will yield desirable impact and results. A limited supply of 6006 unique and novel NFTs with 180+ hand-drawn traits is the main reason for the hype around this project. The project is committed to fulfilling its promise of preserving the wildlife by donating a handsome amount to trusted charities; ranking this project among a few projects with real-life utility.

NFTs are taking over the conventional art as the non-fungibility has added insane value to it with the power of blockchain. Within a couple of years, the NFT space has shown its potential and its ability to change the traditional business model. This exponential growth is destined to create a new financial era, where creators and holders of something valuable will benefit a lot. Notorious Kings is something that can help you to roar like a lion and remember the mesmerizing moment of the 6 kings’ coalition.  

This project comes from the hands of NFT enthusiasts who want to instill their passion and their innate yearn to collect what’s valuable to provide the community with the vibe of the greatest coalition. With a collective experience of more than 50 years in the digital sphere, they are now embracing the NFT realm. The team is taking this project to new heights with astonishing artwork and thriving community-building strategies. A professional team of marketing gurus is helping to spread this mega news of coalition. Bear with us as we are going to announce something very big.

Notorious Kings – Art bound to dominate the NFT Space

 The notable difference between the other NFTs and the Notorious Kings collection is that it is applicable to the real world and recreates the fascinating coalition of six kings who have written real pages of history. The quality of the art in this project is far superior to comparable collections, and the 3D art takes the project to a new level. The project offers a direct rewards program for the local community with raffles for collectibles, a luxury safari, a sports car, and many other gifts.

The real appeal of these NFT superstars is of course the insanely high returns they offer their users, so much so that investors around the world are eager to get a first look at these dominant creatures. Owning high-quality NFTs at the start of a massive digital revolution is the key to big returns in the medium term, as this expanding market is set to get much bigger in the coming years. The project also offers a great incentive: if you own NFT Notorious Kings, you’ll get access to minting in the next two projects.

Once the public sale of Notorious Kings NFTs ends, the project team is excited to reveal a Play-to-Earn game later this year. The sneak peeks of the game will be released next month to give you an idea about the game. One of the main creators is a chess player with Elo 2300+. The team is pretty confident about the game as the industry is booming. You don’t want to be among people who don’t hold Notorious Kings NFT as the holder will have a definite advantage.  

We’ve provided you with an insight into what this project is about, but there’s something big coming up.

Something Big coming up……

The strength of any project is seen through what they are giving out to the community. The project team of the Notorious Kings seems keen to grow their community. The marketing team of the project is doing wonders as they have been successful in securing some big partnerships. These partnerships are going to help the community to build trust and bonds.

The infamous American Rapper OFFSET, a member of hip hop trio Migos, has shown deep interest in Notorious Kings after seeing the astonishing art. You might want to keep an eye on the Instagram feed of the Rapper, OFFSET, because he is going to announce his affiliation with Notorious Kings on May 10 and planned a large amount for an airdrop. Anyone can participate to benefit from this huge opportunity as the project is offering whitelist spots for early investors.  

The project is going in the right direction to be one of the most successful projects in the crypto industry. Affiliation of Notorious Kings with other big names will be announced soon. The plans of the Notorious Kings are stretched over a long period of time.

The team has arranged the OFFSET airdrop on May 10 while minting is set to start on May 14.  With a full future strategic vision and strong team, Notorious King can be said a project with a prestigious vision, rich in potential for sustainable development, and well worth participating in and experiencing.

Concluding Thought:

Notorious Kings with all its perks and benefits can be seen as an emerging NFT project aiming to dominate the industry.  As an incentive of being part of the Notorious Kings NFT sales, community members can gain exclusive early access to two new upcoming projects. Owning qualitative NFTs at the very stages of the massive digital revolution is key to making huge profits and provides a unique experience for everyone.

Mark your Calendars for May 10 and May 14 and benefit from these opportunities as much as you can. Join Discord and the Social media community to stay up-to-date about the new developments of Notorious Kings.

Roar like a Lion!

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