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Arker: The Legend of Ohm Review

Arker is a multiplatform game in which you play the role of a hero with a pet companion. The game is planned to contain both a PVP and PVE mode where we will struggle for control of the kingdom of Ohm. 

Gameplay Elements

Each player will have their own town and equipment that may be graphically customized.

You may rent mining areas inside the settlement, which will play an important part in the Arker 3D metaverse. When conducting transaction validations on the Binance blockchain, Arker mining will enable participants to get returns and profits in the form of tokens.

There will be four game modes in the game:

  1. Battle – standard PVP battle
  2. Fight your clone in a showdown.
  3. PVE- a battle against opponents to improve fundamental statistics
  4. Guild War – compete in 10 vs. 10 battles to win influence.

Each mode will provide various benefits; for example, during a typical PVP battle, the player will earn FoA tokens, money, and experience, but in the Showdown mode, just experience will be acquired.


Players will be able to choose from four different character classes:

  1. Berserker – Formidable warriors, as strong as beasts, who battle half-naked with bleeding shields
  2. Alchemist – Cultish and intelligent investigators who engage in proto-science
  3. Izarian – Incredibly powerful and acrobatic warriors with mimetic powers
  4. Soulhunter – Warriors clad in pure darkness

The game presently has four different game mechanics:

  1. Preparation- In order to defeat opponents, each character will be able to equip a variety of things ranging from armor to weapons and talents.
  2. Matching – To offer the best possible gaming, the creators foresee a matchmaking system that selects opponents based on the approximate level of players (the maximum level difference is three).
  3. Turns – In the game, turns are similar to traditional card games in that one player randomly picks abilities, and then the opponent must choose what to utilize. My attention was attracted to the duration of each turn, which is just 30 seconds, implying that the combat would be quite quick.
  4. End-game Rewards – in the game, everyone receives something for fighting, but the winner gets more. The winner will get 90 percent of the FoA bet by participants, as well as experience. The loser will only gain experience.


Pets play a significant part in Arker. Pets will prefer your main character based on their kind. They will supply passive traits that will boost their stats, and they will have fighting talents in the future. Extra points for life, energy, and agility are awarded to your character. Divide the amount by ten and round it to get the answer.

Each pet will have a rarity that will give better or worse states, as well as a typology that will work better with some characters than others. Pets will also be able to be sold in the marketplace, creating a high level of value and demand.


Arker’s breeding feature is quite easy to use. To breed, all you need is a pair, that is, a male and a female of the same species of pet, regardless of rarity.

If you wish to breed wolves, for example, you’ll need a male and a female. This mating will result in (an egg that, after 120 hours (5 days), may hatch into a young wolf NFT with the characteristics acquired from the parents. 

Those characteristics will be random based on a true genetic system) that of a wolf egg that, when born, will have the characteristics X depending on its parents’ characteristics.

Breeding in Arker is based on the following variables:

  • A male and female pet are required for breeding.
  • Pets can only reproduce 5 times in their lifetime..
  • Pets have a chromosomal system that determines their stats and also combines these aspects in breeding to produce values based on the base.
  • After the breeding is completed, an egg is retrieved, which hatches after 5 days and the pet is accessible.

Eggs and hatched pets can also be traded in the marketplace. The breeding must be paid for by ARKER and FoA. Each generation will be more costly than the previous one.

In-Game Items & Abilities

Players can collect in-game items that provide the hero with additional life or energy during combat. Every hero will have the option of equipping themselves with a helmet, body armor, weapon, or boots. Furthermore, the developers have incorporated the ability to employ the extra talents that these items will grant during battle.

Rarity stones

Rarity stones are stones that enable you to increase an item’s or pet’s traits. This will need the acquisition of the stone and its application to the chosen item or pet. There is a 50% probability that the statistics will improve, a 50% risk that they will worsen, and a 2% chance that they will remain the same.


Relics are valuable artefacts that increase your character’s qualities while also providing passive benefits on each round. In-game, relics may also be awakened using energy to unlock their full power.


Players have a wide range of powerful attacks their heroes can utilize during combat. Each skill costs wisdom, thus the player may grant his hero eight abilities for a total of maximum wisdom.

There are common abilities and class-specific abilities that heroes can use. Below are some of the common abilities available to heroes:

  1. Each ability has the potential to have one or more impacts. These effects apply whether you win or lose the round unless the opponent’s ability has the effect of canceling the opponent’s effects.
  2. This is the damage dealt by the ability if you win the round. The impact of your or your opponent’s ability may enhance or decrease this.
  3. This is an example of a skill. When you throw the ability, its value is multiplied by the amount of energy you have. The impact of your or your opponent’s ability may enhance or decrease this.


If you and your opponent are both members of a clan, your clan will gain experience if you win and lose experience if you lose. Only clans with 5 or more members are eligible to use the rankings system.

The guild conflicts in Arker will evolve over time. At first, you may establish groups and compete with other players to determine who has the greatest guild in Ohm. Later, live combat systems will be developed that will be capable of playing 10 versus 10 and determining who the monarchs of the world are.


Arker is a fully-featured RPG game with NFT and token rewards. The game uses a gameplay-first approach with play-to-earn elements to give its players a real sense of reward when playing. The game looks very promising.

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