THE LARGEST NFT contest on the Relictum NFT Marketplace

Relictum NFT Marketplace is a celebrity at the dawn of the NFT era!

Relictum ecosystem is a powerful set of products and advanced technologies available for everyone in one app and designed for implementing tasks of any complexity and bold ideas of blockchain technology.

After the buzz in the blockchain market, Relictum has gained respect and attention with all its activities, such as attending various prestigious events around the world to present the Relictum NFT Marketplace, receiving awards, holding AMA, constantly participating in video chats and webinars, ensuring 24/7 operation of the platform, and signing partner agreements.

Relictum has now launched the largest contest on the Relictum NFT Marketplace, in which absolutely everyone can participate and win valuable prizes.

Absolutely any participant of the contest is GUARANTEED to receive a valuable prize of up to 5,000 USDR

As such, instead of brands creating NFTs with one artist, a huge event was arranged in which all registered users are invited to participate in one of the NFT Battles or, if you are an active user eager to win, you can participate in all 3 battles:

📌 Puzzle Guru NFT battle. We have prepared a 9-piece puzzle. Each piece costs 10.31 USDR. Each piece is replicated for 500 copies. This means that only 500 participants will be able to collect the whole puzzle. Only one piece of the puzzle will go on sale first. The second piece will go on sale after 250+ copies of the first puzzle piece have been sold. The same will happen with each subsequent piece of the puzzle. If you collect the whole puzzle, a valuable prize is GUARANTEED to you ($5000, $1000, $700, $500, $250, $100, $70, $50, $25).

📌 Marketplace Hunter NFT Battle. Make at least 3 purchases on the Marketplace for a total value of 200 USDR over the period of the battle from April 1, 2022 to July 1, 2022, and be guaranteed to become a participant in the drawing of valuable prizes ($1000, $700, $500, $250, $100, $70, $50, $25).

📌 Blessed and Creative NFT battle. You’ll love this battle if you are a designer, artist, or just a creative person. Create your tokens during the contest period, sell them for a total of 500 USDR, and be guaranteed to become a participant in the drawing of valuable prizes ($1000, $700, $500, $250, $100, $70, $50, $25).

EACH PARTICIPANT will receive a valuable prize if they participate in the largest NFT contest* on the Relictum NFT Marketplace: $5000, $1000, $700, $500, $250, $100, $70, $50, $25.

The unique NFT platform Relictum NFT Marketplace unites artists, NFT creators, collectors, and everyone interested in modern technologies.

You need to launch the official Telegram bot from Relictum NFT Marketplace and follow the simple steps in order to participate:

👉 @relictum_giveaway_bot 

Participate in the NFT contest with no losers!

Welcome to the new NFT era with the Relictum NFT Marketplace!

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