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Toyo Joins the CryptoBlades Round-Table!

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CryptoBladers, we are overjoyed to announce our newest partnership with Toyo and to start things off, they have brought on our CEO Philip Devine as an advisor! Toyo is an NFT Play-to-Earn game that runs on Polygon. The game is based on NFTs, Toyos, which are action figures created to protect and fight for their humans. These NFTs are bonded by a cyber device known as a Heart-Bond, something humans and Toyos share connecting their thoughts and feelings. The more they bond, the stronger the connection is, which impacts how Toyo feels toward their human and how they performs on the battlefield. Players will battle with the intention of collecting, customizing, and enhancing their Toyos, all with the goal of earning along the way.

Collect thousands of limited edition Toyos and body parts with various looks and rarity.

Customize any Toyo with a wide range of body parts available on their platform. Players can change arms, hands, head, legs, and feet allowing you to make yours one of a kind!

Enhance your NFTs value by increasing their stats either in training sessions or going to PVP battles.

We cannot wait to help each other grow as projects and to see where this partnership takes us! The $TOYO token private and public sale is happening now throoughout the next week! Check the Toyoverse website for launchpads and times on the sale to secure your allocation!

For more information on Toyo, visit their website and Twitter.

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