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MEME VIP — Drop Details and Whitelist.

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MEME VIP — Drop Details and Whitelist.


MEME VIP brings PFPs, membership cards, exclusive drops, and more for our community. There are only 3,555 randomly generated ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network. No two Very Important Pineapples are the same.

Whitelist mint will open at 1:37 PM EST on February 25th. The whitelist will remain open for two hours, and at 3:37 PM EST, the mint will be open up for the wider public community. The VIPs will be priced at .08 ETH each and will be allowed to be minted in batches of up to 10 per transaction.

💳 MEMEX Membership

Before the launch of the MEME platform in Mid-March, users will receive The MEMEX Membership Card is an annual membership card that is airdropped to VIP holders on the Fantom network.

This gives you exclusive access to perks on the new MEME marketplace. This includes exclusive drops, pre-sales, whitelists, rewards, and more. Every year, all MEME VIPs will be airdropped with a new membership card while the old one expires.

⚪️ Whitelist

Whitelist mint will open at 1:37 PM EST on February 25th. An official list will be announced on the 24th.

The following users will be whitelisted for the project mint:

Users with over 500,000 $MEME Inu Tokens — Snapshot will be taken @ February 22nd at 3:37 EST PM.

Users holding the MEME ticket, helmet, or rocket NFT — Snapshot will be taken @ February 22nd at 3:37 EST PM.

The following users who commented and retweeted will be entered into the whitelist:

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Tweet 2

Tweet 3

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