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Trends: What Are They Good for? Absolutely Everything

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Urska Jaksa

Feb 10

2 min read

Implementing data pays off, and here’s why.

The rise of “moods”

Take popular Spotify playlists, for instance. Before 2020, there wasn’t much talk about “chill vibes”, “beats to study to” and similar audio “backgrounds”, apart from a couple of memes re-creating the image of the “lofi studying girl”. Then the quarantine hit, and in 2022 (a.k.a. what feels like 169 years later), “moods” are on everyone’s radar.

I call this mood “Rhythmic Existentialism”.

Learn to work the trends like a pro

To recap: noticing trends pays off. If you want to implement them into your 2022 strategy, we have you covered. Double covered, actually.

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