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Charities and NFTs: The obvious next step in helping NGOs and how The Last of Them are leading the way

A new project has recently surfaced among the myriad of randomly generated AI pfp projects. The team at The Last of Them have made significant efforts to contact and introduce multiple NGOs to the possibilities of NFTs, and guide them towards possible ways of crowdfunding revenue for their projects.

So, how exactly are they planning on helping endangered animals?

Well for starters, the main idea here from the get-go, is to donate 80% of the funds they are aiming to raise from next week, making it one of the most committed and transparent projects out there. That, in itself, is impressive since the majority of NFT projects pretty much take the money for themselves without necessarily contributing to anything or anyone outside the core team members. The goal of the project has been to raise around 500,000$ in order to make a real impact and help as many endangered animals as possible.

Which organizations have been chosen to receive the donations?

As they’ve already announced on their discord channel, the funds will be split evenly between 5 organizations focused on 5 different endangered species. The split is as follows:

Black-Footed Ferrets: Black-Footed Ferret Connections – 16%
Sumatran Elephant: PTES.Org – 16%
Kakapo: New Zealand Government – 16%
African Wild Dog: Painted Dog Conservation – 16%
Amur Leopard: Wildcats Conservation Alliance – 16%

That being said, they’ve made it very clear that 100% of the raised funds from the Pre-sale will go directly to the above-mentioned organizations. The Pre-sale is scheduled to begin on the 12th of February and is limited to only 500 NFTs.

More information about the pre-sale you can find in the short QnA video they’ve released recently.

The team has limited the number of possible NFTs to 4460 unique combinations. At first glance, I didn’t understand why they chose such a random number but then I noticed on their website that they are aiming to limit the number of NFTs based on the number of animals left on the planet. So, as an example, when minting goes live, there will be only 80 Amur Leopard combinations because there are only 80 leopards left on our planet. The same limitation is set for all the animals in the collection.

Sumatran Elephants = 2400 NFTs
Amur Leopard = 80 NFTs
Kakapo = 201 NFTs
Black-footed Ferrets = 370 NFTs
African Wild Dogs = 1409 NFTs

We are excited about these types of project because it clearly shows what the intent is and how they are planning on executing their strategies. So if you’d like to take part of the project and help save endangered animals, you could join the discord group and be a part of the community.

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