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FUD FAQ | A Weekly Community Thread | Week 43

This post was originally published on digitalx

  • What’s going on with the market? Is this the end of the world?

Woah their n00b, we’ve been down this road before. If you’ve been in the market for a while it starts to get really clear that markets have ups and downs that are sometimes steeper than others.

If you want a rocket to the m00n, I’d recommend a good place to get started is buying yourself some really cool web3 fashion astronaut gear, and, getting used to major fluctuations in g-forces.

The key thing is to make sure that you are never speculating on assets that you don’t know enough about, you aren’t buying more than you can afford to lose, and, also you don’t mind too much where the market goes, as you focus on where value is actually created— which is what the entire DIGITALAX ecosystem and protocol stack stands at the ready to help you out with.

Let’s keep buidling, hodling, creating and minting.

  • What’s the next big thing happening in the DIGITALAX ecosystem?

Well, to list a few, the very first web3 & metaverse models are being introduced shortly, the runway marketplace for models is launching early Feb, and we have our very first Realm Runway event coming up during NY Fashion Week, Feb 11th. You can get tickets for that here.

There’s also more exciting events that we are hosting, and there’ll be some cool announcements shared on that soon. If you are NYC local you can RSVP to the upcoming AMA session on web3 fashion & modeling at the Williamsburg Hotel Monday Jan 31st.

Most of us know the FUD that comes out of Beanie’s twitter… and it seems he’s finally fled town with all of his accounts and a full doxxing. But, you never know, no one knows when you are actually a beanie 😳🧢

Lol dudeeeee, way to start off saying the right thing then award the trophy to someone who has nothing to do what you are talking about. What in the world does Tom Brady have to do with open, decentralised web3 culture.

That’s ridiculous. Quit fame simping and get back to building.

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