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Tales of the Web3 Tailors | Track 14, Midwest Misfit

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Track fourteen for the Tales of Web3 Tailors GDN Podcast is out! You can start listening in now!

For this next episode, GDN member Midwest Misfit was the latest to be interviewed! You’ve probably seen Midwest around on Twitter and Discord, always with the most bubbly and uplifting personality. Midwest Misfit also has their very own designer realm, digi alias and is a core steward for the music x fashion AU.DEO DAO! This is a really special and dare I say inspirational episode, where Midwest dives deep into just how many personal struggles and external life challenges they have persevered through in order to get themselves into the position that they are at today, able to pursue fashion and NFTs full time. For any creative out there listening in, you’re not going to want to miss a single minute of it!

Hiya, I’m Midwest Misfit! With the rise in technology we are changing the way of life more and more everyday. With the rise of automated farming in the Midwest, there will be a larger amount of Misfits entering Web3.

I have made it my personal mission to bridge the gap between technology and the rural identities just waiting to be born in the Metaverse!

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