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You Can Make a Lot of Money in NFTs

This may sound crazy, but it’s the truth — about 80% of crypto investors don’t know about NFTs! They focus mostly on Bitcoin and other popular tokens, without realizing the goldmine in NFTs.

Now, you have a huge opportunity to take advantage of that. Highmonkey has made it possible for you to invest in a collection of unique NFTs.

What Is Highmonkey NFT?

Highmonkey is an NFT collectible built on blockchain technology featuring a play-to-earn mechanism. A play-to-earn mechanism means that you get paid or rewarded for playing games on the platform.

There are over 10,000 NFTs and collectibles on Highmonkey. These collectibles are designed with a stone-cold-eyed signature to give you a relaxing effect. The designs were inspired by the idea of transitioning your mood from a noisy and tense lifestyle of the secular world to a calm and relaxed state.

The characters of each collectible represent teenagers from different backgrounds in society and, as such, give you a sense of human feelings.

Why You Should Own a Highmonkey NFT Now!

Just like real-life artworks created by artists, which you pay money to buy, Highmonkey NFTs are digital artwork created by artists. If you love artworks, you’ll love Highmonkey NFTs and want to have a collection of them.

Interestingly, as the Highmonkey NFT community and fan base grow, the price of Highmonkey NFT grows too. So, you can resell your collection at a higher price and make profits.

Apart from the beauty of owning a collection of artworks, here are other features that make Highmonkey NFT unique:

  • Highmonkey token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so you can store it on Ethereum wallets.
  • You save cost on the high Ethereum gas fees as Highmonkey uses the Polygon blockchain as a transaction solution for gaming.
  • You have a liquid marketplace to purchase and sell your collectibles.

How to Get a Highmonkey NFT

To get a Highmonkey NFT and become part of the community, do any of these:

  • Buy the token from Opensea.io: To do this, you have to connect your Highmonkey wallet to Metamask wallet. When you’ve done that, you can purchase it from opensea.io. The cost for one Highmonkey NFT is 0.07 ETH.
  • Buy mystery boxes: You can buy mystery boxes. Mystery boxes randomly generate NFT, and you will get NFT that comes in different rarity levels and attributes. The higher the attributes and rarity level, the more valuable your NFT is.
  • Earn a token by playing games: You can also earn Highmonkey NFT by playing games on the platform. Each card in the game is an NFT. You can build your collections of NFT by playing as many games as you want, and you can sell your collections to other players on Opensea. The games played on the platform are governed by specific rules — you play against other players by dueling, and when you win, you earn points and money. There is also a ranking system, and every week the top-ranking players get rewarded with big prizes.
  • Stake to earn HMOK (the native token of Highmonkey): You can get more from your collectibles by staking them in the liquidity pool. You get rewarded with HMOK for providing liquidity to the Highmonkey marketplace.
  • Share and earn Airdrops: You can also participate in the giveaway of Highmonkey NFT by following Highmonkey on Twitter and referring people to the community.

To get started in your NFT journey, join the Highmonkey community on Discord or Telegram.

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