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Along with the Gods Quick Guide!

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Go from nothing to being rewarded faster than you’d ever think!

We’ve boiled down all you need to know in this super quick FAQ-style Along with the Gods guide. We’re gonna keep it quick and easy, so let’s crack on.

Basics — Who, What, How


PlayDapp is a dApp game portal with C2C Marketplace. PlayDapp games are all connected providing a portfolio of game content.

The core leadership team consists of former members of Netmarble, Korea’s largest mobile gaming company. The team has significant technical expertise from Microsoft and NCSOFT alumni. Founder members of itemBay, a global market leader and Korea’s first online game item brokerage website, known as the “eBay of gaming” bring deep knowledge of digital assets and peer-to-peer trading.

PlayDapp is bringing together the vast expertise of its core team, the team’s insights from gaming and digital asset trading give PlayDapp the tools needed to drive mass adoption.

PlayDapp has seen serious success, with its native token PLA being listed on leading exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, Upbit and Crypto.com.

PlayDapp boasts respected and globally recognized partners such as Samsung, who have worked closely with us to be one of their leading partners in their moves into blockchain. Other partners include; polygon, LINE and Chainlink, all industry leaders

What is Along with the Gods?

Along with the Gods is an awesome RPG, with two servers, one is classic and is gameplay and NFT focused. The other is a dedicated server of Along with the Gods, that allows players to enjoy playing AWTG while fulfilling certain conditions to earn rewards beyond in-game items.

Two ways to earn — Create and Sell NFT or Staking

You can create heroes and runes to sell to other players, and all you need is a 99c sealing scroll, NFT creation works on all servers of Along with the Gods.

This process takes time, luck, and some grinding.

Staking — Faster, with an upfront cost but guaranteed rewards

Players can complete daily missions to earn rewards or participate in weekly PVP tournaments to earn greater rewards.

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn lets you earn PlayDapp’s native token PLA, tradeable on major listing sites such as Coinbase, Upbit, Crypto.com, and more.

What do I need to do to earn?

Daily Missions 🎮
• Daily Missions earn you a set reward every day.
• Earn just by playing game content as you would normally.
• Daily rewards will need three SR grade NFT to be staked.
Three SR grade NFT to be staked for a full 24h UTC before earning begins.

Player V Player 🤼
• Earn large rewards by competing in PVP ranking events every week.|
• Anyone can participate in PVP, and one staked SSR grade NFT is required to win rewards.
One SSR grade NFT must be staked for a full PVP week UTC (UTC 00:00 each Thursday until at least the next Thursday UTC 00:00) before earning begins.

Do I need to stake all those NFT for rewards?

No, to earn you only need to stake the NFT type and number that apply to the earning you want to do!


• Daily rewards will need three SR grade NFT to be staked.


•One staked SSR grade NFT

Full staking guides can be found here:

Staking Guide

Playing Guide

How much do I have to spend?

That’s the great thing, with two modes of earning you can choose the right entry point.

Making NFT and selling them.
With some hard grind, you can level up, earn Heroes and Runes and turn them to NFT just for the cost of a sealing scroll — 99c

For Daily PLA and potential PVP.
This one is. You’re going to have to take a dip into the player-to-player market, it’s the easiest way to buy NFT.

How do I get the NFTs I need?

PlayDapp’s MarketPLAce is your one-stop shop for all the NFT you could need!

Jump into the C2C market and grab the NFT you want directly. Or Grab lower versions and use PlayDapp’s Merge function to upgrade your NFTs into stakeable NFTs.

Watch out for regular giveaways and more to help you on your way.

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