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Designer Realm Launch #22: Digivoke

Launched by Catherinetheworst.

Digivoke is a realm that explores technomancy through digital fashion and evocative spaces.

The unofficial launch of digivoke was the creation of the Temple of the Multiminds with VPC and Stella. Completing the virtual sanctuary, sparked something special that led directly to the birth of Digivoke.

Our realities can be so limiting, especially if we subject ourselves to the conditioning that is handed to us. Digital Magick and Digital Fashion alike give the user the ability to express those suppressed sides to them. Push the boundaries of identities to expand the possibilities of these fields.

Magick is conducted already online across the veil of portals and gateways like zoom, discord, youtube and the like. But how could we make virtual realities more conductive? How might rituals you can’t do in the atomic realms be brought to life in new ways online? Or, what about dangerous initiations that can be invoked safely in VR, allowing you to overcome any ordeal involved and experience it for what it is?

There’s so much more that we don’t know about Digital Magick than what we have explored so far!

A large focus of this realm is to continue to adapt and expand the compendium of knowledge available to everyone who explores the boundaries between worlds.

In true decentralised fashion, this realm will operate as a network whereby as we exploring the limits of ritual magick in the metaverse, we will return to share the tales and welcome new adepts into an ever larger circle.

The realm will have a digital home base, digital ritual wear, digi-jesties (digital majesties), and much more. 👀

Stay tuned for dedicated Twitter spaces + discord live streams so you can start getting to know the web3 fashion labels and designers that are defining the future.

Also, check out the DIGITALAX discord #digivoke channel where more updates will be released!

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