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ANNOUNCEMENT: $ANRX Polygon Integration on AscendEX!

This post was originally published on Anarkeyx

The AnRKey X Play to Earn universe has seen an exciting last few months with the launch of the long-awaited Cyber Arena (PvP Card Battle) Closed Beta, continuous updates, game features to BattleWave 2323, and a constantly expanding community of gamers playing to EARN in Battle Wave 2323!

We are excited to Announce ERC20 PoS on the Polygon Network will be LIVE on AscendEX!

Our Play to Earn gamers will now be able to deposit and trade their $ANRX winnings on AscendEX entirely on the Polygon Network with ultra-low fees!

This integration is also the opportunity for those with stable coins on Ethereum, to deposit, purchase and withdraw $ANRX straight to Polygon to play Battle Wave 2323 and all future games, avoiding the costly and inefficient process of bridging tokens from Ethereum to Polygon.

Regarding a previous announcement that you can read HERE, you can find all the Updated AscendEX Listing Information down below!

Updated AscendEX Listing Information

The listing on AscendEX is live right now and is outlined below:

  • Pair: $ANRX/USDT

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Play Battle Wave 2323 Now!

Learn more on our official websites:
AnRKey X
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About AnRKey X

AnRKey X is a multi-release DeFi game studio and all-in-one Play to Earn platform powering gamers and creators in the metaverse and one of the founding companies leading the DeFi gaming movement since launch in 2020. Since launch, AnRKey X has pushed the boundaries of DeFi gaming and NFT technology to enable borderless metaverses that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, create, trade and earn in community-owned virtual economies. Founded by recognized global leaders with 80+ years of collective experience in crypto, DeFi, gaming, FinTech, and entertainment, AnRKey X aims to lead the gaming and metaverse industry into the Web3 future.

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