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Realm Runway #1: New York City. Feb 11th 2022.

All tickets are also minted on-chain as rare NFTs that are sent to your wallet shortly after purchase and are valid to be resold on the secondary market before the event. These NFTs will also provide exclusive offers on further Realm Runway events and activations.

All tickets are $200. Payment accepted in $MONA, $W3F, USDT, BNT, MATIC, ETH & Fiat. There are three options for purchasing runway tickets:

  1. Connect Your Wallet and Make Payment in One of the Accepted Crypto Tokens. You will be sent your NFT shortly after payment.
  2. Stake $W3F/USDT LP on Quickswap & the $W3F Staking Platform here. You must remain staked up until the event or your ticket & NFT will not be valid at the door. The tokens will be detected in your wallet.
  3. Use fiat through Eventbrite. You will be emailed instructions for claiming your NFT, if you choose, after purchasing your ticket.

As part of this event, not only will there be the active participation of some of our favourite protocols as direct sponsors, but, we are also taking this opportunity to pioneer a new model for web3 event sponsorship.

We previously announced on the Realm Runway Sponsor (RRS) DAO which coordinates all sponsor relations and governs the collection and cultivation of greater web3 experiences and events.

You can read more about the DAO and becoming a sponsor here.

It’s a special kind of something to step back and recognise how the history of fabrics and fashion are coming around full circle to finally put the power back in the power of those who weave design and wear them.

We couldn’t be more excited and look forward to seeing you there!

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