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Realms to Runways: The First Dungeon Indie Game in NYC

From the earliest days of interactive games the call to adventure has enticed explorers everywhere into entering some often questionable places, starting with some mystery or even literally in the dark.

The intrepid among us feel their way through uncertain terrain, overcome treacherous conditions, fight back the doubters and naysayers, and unlock hidden discoveries, often by braving obscure, hard to find crevasses to decipher the most puzzling latches, engravings of long lost languages, and the occasional magical gate.

The first Realm Runway is one of these rune encircled gateway experiences, transporting into what lays beyond the mysteries of The First Dungeon.

The First Dungeon is a 2D Battle Royale game developed by Thijmen Happy. It is one of the first projects to launch under The Constellation, where its entire content is open sourced and easily moddable. It was first initiated with Web3 Fashion Week, and, with the next stages of the project further wardrobe collections will also be built out by the different Global Designer Network designer and web3 fashion label realms.

These collections will be going live alongside the first Realm Runway in NYC in February, launch of the Runway Modeling NFT platform and coinciding with New York Fashion Week.

This serves to directly further and meld the most essential layers of web3 gaming, wear 2 earn, the open metaverse and massive multiplayer self sovereign economies (MSSE).

We will be leading up to the launch of the Realm Runway event with a series of First Dungeon and fashion week inspired puzzles to solve, codes to crack, and secret keys to discover and decipher. These will be distributed both digitally and also IRL on the streets in New York.

Solving one of these mysteries wins you a ticket to the Realm Runway and a First Dungeon collectible NFT character + realm wardrobe outfit that can be taken in-game with wear 2 earn.

Stay tuned for the first hints appearing magically throughout the city and online next week! Get ready to get adventuring!

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