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Dvision Network Initiates Wallet Incentive Program and Hosts Large Giveaway with Clover Finance

Dvision Network

Jan 6 · 3 min read

Dear Dvision Community members,

We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Clover Finance in order to integrate their multichain digital wallet within our Dapp and add ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards of DVI token into their cross-chain wallet solution. Not only that, Clover Finance will be hosting the Incentive Program in order to provide CLV tokens to the new users in Dvision Dapp, that will join the metaverse using the Clover Finance Wallet. In order to commemorate the strategically crucial collaboration between Clover Finance and Dvision Network, we will be holding a “Gleam Contest” where up to 10 LAND NFTs and 5000 CLV tokens will be airdropped among the participants!

👉Link to the Gleam Contest: https://gleam.io/FtUeg/dvision-clover-finance-large-giveaway


  • Dvision to integrate Clover Finance cross-chain wallet solution within its Dapp to access the metaverse and NFT marketplace.
  • Users can claim CLV tokens when initially connecting with the Clover Finance Wallet in Dvision.
  • Dvision & Clover to host a Gleam Contest for users with up to 10 LAND NFTs and 5000 CLV tokens. Participate here: <Gleam Link>
  • Clover Finance to receive a premium LAND Lot in Dvision Metaverse to build brand-specific content.

The Cross-Chain Protocol — Clover Finance

Clover Finance is a Polkadot-based blockchain infrastructure platform focused on interoperability between different blockchains and cross-chain compatibility for DeFi applications. Clover’s multichain wallet allows users to hold, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies and NFTs in a highly secure way on mobile, browser extension, and web. Clover’s extension wallet supports most multichain dApps on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Polkadot, Kusama, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, and many more.

Dvision & Clover Finance Collaboration Details

Our partnership entails the integration of Dvision Network’s native ERC20 and BEP20 DVI tokens into Clover Wallet. This will allow our users to conveniently manage their DVI holdings on their wallets. The strongest advantage of the Clover Wallet is that it supports the cross-chain functionality without the burden to be imposed on the user, as it will not require switching between networks and have your holding in an all-in-one streamlined interface.

Along with that, Dvision Network is committed to integrating the Cross-Chain wallet in the metaverse and all Dapp-related features. The users will be able to connect with our Dapp by using the Clover Wallet and claim up to 5 CLV tokens as a part of the Clover Finance Incentive Program. Here’s how the Incentive Program works:

  • Must use Clover Extension Wallet for dApp transactions at least twice a month.
  • Must have a collective account balance worth 200$.

Additionally, as we continue bringing over the strategic partners into our metaverse by providing them the Land Allocation for them to build their brand-specific content, Dvision will provide a 3×3 Premium Land NFT to Clover Finance to utilize the space in our metaverse and build their own Clover Finance Community Center.

LAND NFT & CLV Token Giveaway (Gleam Contest)

To inaugurate the long-term oriented strategic cooperation between two parties, Dvision, and Clover Finance will be holding the Gleam Contest to provide the users with an opportunity to win in the airdrop of a total of 10 LAND NFTs and 5000 CLV tokens.

Giveaway Details:

Date: Jan 7th — 14th (7 days)
Prize pools: 5000 CLV Tokens, 10 pieces of 1×1 LAND NFTs
Winner Selection: 10 Random Winners for LAND NFTs & 100 Random Winners of CLV tokens
👉Link to Contest: https://gleam.io/FtUeg/dvision-clover-finance-large-giveaway
Instructions: all explained in the link

About Clover Finance

Clover has built an EVM-compatible infrastructure to easily migrate existing DApps. Utilizing our SPV chain simulation technology enabling trustless two-way pegs across PoW and PoS networks, Clover seamlessly bridges Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems in one unified place. In addition to building an interoperable environment for various assets to trustlessly operate.

We value each reader and follower! If you want to stay updated with the activities of Dvision Network, make sure to follow the channels below!
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