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CryptoBlades and Binance Smart Chain Scholarship Collaboration

This post was originally published on cryptoblades

CryptoBladers! It has been a jammed-packed week in the CryptoBlades world and to top it off, our CEO Philip Devine connected with Binance Smart Chain for a LIVE AMA! The full recorded talk has been uploaded to our YouTube for those of you who missed it and want to catch up on what we have been doing and where we are at (not to mention the numerous leaks Philip dropped during the question phase that you don’t want to miss)!

One of the many exciting announcements during the interview was about CryptoBlades and Binance Smart Chain joining forces to provide play-to-earn scholarships for gamers wanting to get into the action, but may not have the resources available to do so!

These gaming scholarships will cover all starting costs involved when you begin your GameFi journey. Your starting costs will be 100% covered by Binance Smart Chain with the help of CryptoBlades. As players grow in level and skill, they will earn crypto assets that they can sell/stake to make their own accounts, earning them even more! We want to promote the communities in India to come and utilize the potential of this rapidly growing space and technology!

If you are looking to apply, all you need to do is

1.) complete the easy tasks in this link: https://gleam.io/tyxNg/binance-smart-chain-x-crypto-blades

2.) Be active in our Discord community and socials to help each other discuss and learn about topics related to the metaverse.

GameFi Scholar Rewards

1. In-game NFTs worth ($50-$200) to help you get started with the game.

2. $50 in BNB to help cover the transaction (txn) fees.

3. An NFT declaring that you are now a Binance GameFi Scholar.

This also stands as a chance to win a Premium NFT this week (worth $1,000+). Just score a 25 or higher score on the above link before next Friday and one lucky winner will be chosen!

The most active community members in the Discord channel will become the first-ever GameFi affiliate sponsored by Binance and get even more rewards!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Best of luck to all and thank you for being a part of this awesome journey!

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